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Good old days

Moments that changed the Tibian history (part I)

Written by Dark Ruler Hades on Saturday 27 October 2007

Moments that changed the Tibian history (part I)

If you take a look to what tibia once was, you would see a small map, with no premium accounts, a small group monsters, and just a few players online. Today tibia is an immense community, spread all around the globe, with 72 game servers (and counting), and over 1 million accounts under which 75000 with a premium account. In only 9 years, the whole game evolved in a way probably nobody could ever predict, and most important of all; its still growing. The whole game began as a project, made by 3 college students back in 1997, using the university computers to host the game. Implementing small changes into the game for around 3 years, the game kept growing, until finally in November 2000, the 6.0 Beta client was launched, changing the whole aspect of the game, and making the first big update of what would become one of the most popular MMORPGs in the world. At this point, the game had around 300 players online at the most, just imagine that.

An image of one of the oldest tibia clients, taken in 1999.

The first Tibia map only contained a few areas, and one city. The city was called Tibiacity (like our website) that time. Greenshore already excisted but there were no houses or anything else there. Just a few months after that, the map of tibia was redesigned, and several new areas were implemented, such as Kazordoon, Orc Fortress, Green Claw swamps, dwarf mines and such.

Tibia's first map

The game kept growing, and another important moment came; premium accounts were finally obtainable. The first person to ever obtain a premium account was called Flattery, and the Gods gave her a present in that occasion.

More updates kept coming, and the game kept growing. New servers were created, and the first non-pvp server arrived. And one of the greatest events on tibia occurred; Ferumbras. The mighty Ferumbras was controlled by the God Durin, and caused chaos and destruction wherever he went, until finally a brave group of warriors defeated him in the Plains of Havoc. Ferumbras was considered a legend from that moment, since nobody ever saw him again, until the latest update, when he returned to his citadel once again.

The first and only time Ferumbras was defeated

The game continued its evolution, and more and more players joined the community. With several more new features, map changes, such as Ankrahmun, Port Hope, and recently Liberty Bay and all the surrounding isles Tibia became a huge online roleplaying game. There are far too many big important moments on the tibian history to be named, and hundreds of thousands of experiences, memories, and histories to share. And the game is still growing, and who knows what could be just around the corner waiting for us, so we have to make each moment count, and enjoy as much as we can.