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Advantages of the Postman quest

Written by Fox Mc Cloud on Saturday 27 October 2007

Mailboxes after Postman quest

The postman quest is an old and long quest. You'll have to travel around a lot and go to places like Mintwallin and Plains of Havoc. It's one of the first quests people usually do when they get premium. When you complete the Postman quest, you'll be able to buy parcels for 10gp instead of 15gp, and you'll also get 10gp discount for every boat or carpet travel you make. This might not sound much, but at long time it pays back the time and money you wasted for the quest, especially with the last thing you get: being able to use mailboxes close to hunting grounds. This is a very usefull add-on. You can simply send a parcel with your lootbag to a depot of your choice (preferly one of your own depots). As last reward from the postman quest you also get a Post Officers Hat and a Post Horn. This Post Horn can be used to make some charming music.

One of the available mailboxes

This sounds all very nice, but it's useless if you don't know how to use it. The prices on travels and parcels will just decrease, so you don't have to do anything to get them, but of course you can not send your lootbags to a depot if you don't know where the mailboxes are. Well therefor we listed all mailboxes we know below:

* Kazordoon dwarven mines (mine hub)
* Cyclopolis first floor at the northeast
* Darashia black minotaur pyramid
* Mintwallin on the north side of the city in the middle
* Kazordoon on the ground floor close to the dwarven mines
* Orc Fortress east area
* West area of Drefia on the ground level
* Elven Village at Venore (1st floor underground)
* Forbidden Islands (Hydra Island, teleportation hub)
* Laguna Islands (in the middle of the first island)
* Nargor