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Fishing Guide

Written by Olocalt on Saturday 27 October 2007

Fishing guide

To go out fishing, you'll need the next:
* Fishing Rod
* Worms
* Patience

Fishing is a very easy thing to do

Fishing is a very easy thing to do. Just follow the next steps.
1. Put worms and a fishing rod in your backpack.
2. Right click on your rod and this menu will appear:

Contextual Menu

3. Click on "Use with" and then an arrow will be formed, click in the water and if you're lucky a fish will be catched else nothing will happen. If your fishing skill is higher then you have a bigge chance to catch a fish. A worm will disapear if a fish is caught. If you don't catch a fish, then there won't disapear a worm.

* Don't keep fishing on the same spot. If you catched a fish on a square it will take some time before it 'respawns'. At lower fishing levels you can see if there is fish on a square by looking if your fishing skill increases. If your skill increases there is a fish on that square, if it doesn't increase then there is no fish at that square.
* You can also press ctrl and then click on the fishing rod, followed by the water instead of right clicking and selecting 'use with'.
* You can hotkey the usage of a Fishing Rod so that you'll only have to press that hotkey and then click on the water.