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Gm Laylee

GM Laylee Interview

Written by Pleckto on Tuesday 18 November 2008
What glows in the dark, has a blue outfit, has to power to sparkle joy on everyones faces? GM Laylee, today we have managed to take a couple hours out of GM Laylee's day to question her about hot topics surrounding tibia.

Pleckto iv: A common question, how did you come across Tibia?

Laylee: My brother was playing it first and i was curious about this weird looking game, so i ended up trying it and got hooked right away. About 3 days after registering, i had my premmy account bought cause i couldn't stand retyping my acc/pass over 70 times, before finally logging on. Stick out tongue

Pleckto iv: What has been your most memorable moment in Tibia?

Laylee: Wow that is a question... There are actually so many that choosing one would be pretty impossible. But i would guess when i came back to the game (after about a 6 month break) and started to play less to play but more to help others. (which had me become a tutor, after my namelock record was gone. >_< ) Then things just added one after the other.

But yes, i do have one moment XD Meeting Akananto on the test servers. Each time there is one, i look for him cause you just never know when he will pop up with.

Pleckto iv: How long were you a tutor before being moved up to gamemastering?

Laylee: I could be wrong, but i believe it was less than a year. I do not have the date of when i became a tutor but i think it was in September, then got senior tutorship in December, and became GM around july 27th.

Pleckto iv: July 26th your reporting names and August 1st your punishing rule violators. How did you handle the change?

Laylee: It wasn't that much of a difference since the method is pretty much the same. See, warn/don't warn, fill the form. The only difference is the complains, which i sometimes find so annoying, mostly when the ban is obvious. The biggest difference came from the kind of team. As tutor, the team is big and it is more or less easy to loose "control" there. More peoples tends to have an aggressive tone. However, in the GM team, we are more limited and most, if not all, are kind one to the other. There is a lot more support in the GM team than in the tutor one. So that was the biggest difference. Example: As tutor i asked, for my first namelock, if i did things right. The first tutor i saw flamed back, saying i was a bad one, cause i didn't read the information available. I did, but i just needed confirmation of something experienced. However, in the GM team, i never got that, even if still today, i can ask questions that might sound obvious to some others.

The transition was also very smooth because of the support of our HeadGM. He was definitely present and when in doubt,we knew we could contact him. (which is still the case with our current HGM)

Pleckto iv: What do you think about fansites?

Laylee: It depends on which: there are a few i do not visit at all since i do not understand them. However, the 4 i go at, on regular basis are Erig.net (magic level info!) , Tibiawiki (Quest info, i am awful in those lol) , Tibianews ( general server info ) and of course, Tibiacity, where i am mostly active in the forum and chat.

Fansites have their utility in expending what the main tibia site doesn't go at or doesn't allow to. It is very nice to have them around.

Pleckto iv: Was there ever a GM who inspired you or helped you through bad times to become a gm or even as a gm now?

Laylee: In the beginning, Trithaithus became a mentor to me. However some events had this changed and i ended up closely bonding with Elfarran (which arrived in the same bunch than me). As of today i can say her, Elucidatus , Dragonas, Borce, are very inspiring, and Rebel (my sweet rebel XD) is definitely one i have looked up a lot to. Of course, i could pretty much name them all, they all helped in a way or another. But the few i named are special (and i am sure i will kick myself in a few hours for forgetting someone... SRY! XD )

Pleckto iv: Switching to an important question everyone wants to know, how were you asked/invited to apply for the GM position?

Laylee: I was in Port Hope, manasitting, when Craban appeared in my PMs, asking how i was doing. I ran away... well ok not for long or far for that matter. But he went straight to the point and asked if i was interested in applying. The answer was easy to guess Stick out tongue i accepted and the "process" started.

Pleckto iv: A lot of us now know you're an unhidden gamemaster. What gave you such a wacky idea to do such a thing?

Laylee: I had enough of people trying to "blow my cover up". It was a weapon they had against me and i was tired of having to deny something that i accidentally made so obvious. Seeing i was in a non-pvp server, it was easier to go unhidden because it is more or less impossible to get me killed here, because of my position. Well unless you lure on me... but then luring with the intention of killing someone, in non-pvp, would get you a ban... Would i have been in a pvp server, i would NEVER have went unhidden. >_<

Pleckto iv: What do you think made you stand out over the other 1500 + tutors to get the post of a gm?

Laylee: Absolutely no idea. I was always simply myself and not trying to stand out. (well ok.. not that much... i did hope.. XD) I just kept on going with what i always liked, parties in game, lotteries with Misty Case and of course tutorship in general. I am so curious to know what other GMs thought of me.... but that's something i'll never know (and its probably better that way XD).

So when i see tutors, nowadays, trying by all cost to get a little report, far fetching things to get locks or statement reports, trying to get others in trouble ... it's just sick.

Pleckto iv: What was your first day as a GM like?

Laylee: Stressful, i was worried of doing something bad. After my 10th banishement, i went back to Trithaithus, asking him if i overdid it.... He laughed and told me not to worry about it. Before being GM on tibia, i was moderator elsewhere and each time we would ban someone, it led to a heep load of drama, so that habit sort of stayed. However, it quickly went away after that talk with Trith~ .

Pleckto iv: Is the game still enjoyable or the same as it was as a tutor?

Laylee: No and yes. It is only the perception that is different and i find enjoyment in other things which doesn't involve either being tutor or GM. I get my own fun, simply manasitting or shocking my friends when i finally decide to hunt something bigger than a ghoul, for soul points. I see the game from a more inside point of view and no longer simply as a player that spends his/her time complaining about Cip being this or that. On my side, there is a little more understanding on why they do this or that. Of course, not THAT much, but still a bit more.

Pleckto iv: Favorite cipsofter name?

Laylee: Name for name, Isolan, (Isolant in french) no reason in particular Stick out tongue it just makes me giggle. Names of persons i like,Mercutio , Craban, Alguzara (no matter what i STILL call her that) , Akananto, and since i met them, you can add Solkrin, Chayenne, Jan and Isolan again... well you can just say the third of the company... easily XD

GAH! and Dens! That crazy smile is just too cracking.

Pleckto iv: Mirade or Neofine?

Laylee: Neofine. I don't want to use their new names lol

Pleckto iv: Knight or Druid?

Laylee: Druid, i can manasit longer...and at least it leads to something Stick out tongue

Pleckto iv: Hugs or kisses?

Laylee: Hugs (though it depends with whom... there a couple i rather get kisses from.. XD) mostly long ones where you can just let go into 3333

Pleckto iv: I swear you have the lengthiest short answers...

Laylee: It's boring when it's short...

Pleckto iv: Non-pvp w/ luring legal or pvp?

Laylee: Non-pvp with legal luring would be awful.. but it wouldn't be as bad as pvp can be. To the roofs!

Pleckto iv: I bet you're used to that

Laylee: I do not see what you mean, whatsoever! -not on a roof for a change-

Pleckto iv: Your roof is like your well... your first home and your house in ank is second...

Laylee: exactly, i like being in heights... just not jumping from them. ~fears exani hur down~

Pleckto iv: Pleckto iv or Pleckto III?

Laylee: Ivy

Pleckto iv: It's not a number ...

Laylee: its the way i pronounce the IV part of your name Stick out tongue and not as 4

Pleckto iv: makes it sound like poison ivy and I'm not poison

Laylee: cute anyways!

Pleckto iv: so i can see you at the carlin jail house tonight for a date?

Laylee: ...... you really have weird places. lol

Pleckto iv: Is that a yes?

Laylee: I don't do dates
Too young for that...

Pleckto iv: we could call it a special event?

Laylee: ~shake head~ naw huh!

Pleckto iv: Any last words?

Laylee: Achoo! Oh Sry