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A Day in the Life of a Gamemaster

GM Faerwynn Interview

Written by Pleckto on Thursday 13 November 2008
Antica is known for its rare items, interesting wars, and rare seeings of special creatures. It was the first world created. However, many are clueless as to how Antica stays safe from botters and rule violators. Today we have taken a few minuets to interview GM Faerwynn, and old school player who can teach everyone something.

Pleckto: How long have you played Tibia?

Faerwynn: I created Faerwynn some when in 1999 I think, which was my first char.

Pleckto: Did you have any doubts about Tibia when you started?

Faerwynn: Doubts? Maybe about the costs since back then you had to pay for every minute you were in the internet; there were no flatrates yet. That limited the time I played at the beginning.

Pleckto: Before coming a gamemaster, what was it like as a tutor? How long were you a tutor? Did any of the gamemasters inspire you to be one, or was it something you decided on your own?

Faerwynn: When I got Gamemaster there were no tutors at all I caught the attention of a GM with what I did in the community as a normal player, then he asked me to be his Counselor. After I was Counsellor for some time CIP offered the GM position to me. In my opinion that was the far superior system, but with the 70+ worlds there was no chance to keep that.

Pleckto: Many are always curious on how gamemasters were contacted. What was your moment of happiness like and how did you react?

Faerwynn: Due to the counsellor work (which required you to work close with "your" GM and discuss all rulebreaks you reported to him) I knew that being GM is not some super happy fun job, but takes your free time and will not be rewarded with anything but the work itself. So I was rather doubtful if I should accept. After thinking about it a day or two I decided to try it since I was spending much time with working for the community already, anyway.

Pleckto: What was your first day like?

Faerwynn: Back then there were not that much GMs and they were appointed by the gods themselves. So they welcomed me and gave me a few words before my former GM gave me a tour on the abilities and limitations of the GM tool chars.

Pleckto: Was it a tough choice you decide to go unhidden? How did you come upon this decision, I'm sure it was not easy.

Faerwynn: Back then you did not have the choice. All GMs were public and unhidden. I've had some problems with players who thought they could kill me or people I care about for my GM decisions, but they all got what they deserve. Since in the game I mostly stand around and chat, and never attack other players anyway it is not hard to realize that people get involved with me due to my GM status. CIP have shown to stand 100% behind their GMs in such cases and in some cases ended with the deletion of a guild and its leaders who thought they can punish GMs for banishments.

Pleckto: Antica is known for its extravagant items (rare items), do you have any that you consider to be 'rare'?

Faerwynn: I once had a Medusa Shield when they were very rare, but then everyone could get it from that quest. Besides from that no, I didn't even ever have more money than that needed to buy a house.

Pleckto: Do you have any plans to work at CipSoft one day? Possibly become the head gamemaster, have you ever thought about that?

Faerwynn: No, actually not, the profession I studied at university has nothing to do with GM and I will stick to that.

Time for quick questions

Pleckto: Favorite City?

Faerwynn: Ab'Dendriel

Pleckto: Favorite Outfit?

Faerwynn: Summoner I guess, though atm I like Wizard.

Pleckto: Favorite NPC (Penny does not count)?

Faerwynn: Ashtamor.

Pleckto: Favorite Item?

Faerwynn: Wand of Inferno.

Pleckto: Best GM Name?

Faerwynn: GM Island.

Pleckto: Favorite Complaint/Excuse?

Faerwynn: I once answered only in movie quotes to someone who only amassed insults. At one point he stopped and it developed to a really nice exchange.

Pleckto: Best moment as a tutor/GM?

Faerwynn: When I was still SGM the SGMs (Taghor, Flattery and me) were allowed to have god chars on a test server. It was quite an experience to set up some "find me and kill the hordes of monsters" quests and to have like 15 players at once chasing you and trying to kill you.

Pleckto:Do you have anything else for our viewers today?

Faerwynn: Nothing I could think of at the moment, sorry.