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Fiction Fighters

Fiction Fighters: The Alignments

Written by Professor Web on Saturday 08 November 2008
Fiction Fighters news

Hello and welcome to the long awaited sequel of "Fiction Fighters - The Newsletter"!

The next few lines will bring to you: Adventure... Action... Drama...

...and some information about "Fiction Fighters". This letter, and the following two letters, will be all about attitude! People in our world have always been following three spiritual influences. "Raw Power", "High Tech" and "True Magic". While each of those alignments does not tell anything about somebody in terms of good and evil, they certainly do tell something about somebody's attitude. So, let's start with "Raw Power" (Groar).

Professor Web

Ye olde Book of Alignments: Chapter 1 - Raw Power

Raw Power

Before venturing in the world of "Raw Power", please answer the following questions:

- Do you like smashing things into pieces?
- Do you like to do this with bare hands or huge rectangular weapons?
- Does the idea of "hitting people" appeal to you in a certain sportive way?

If any or all of the above is true... welcome to the Raw's team.

Raw's live in houses that are reflections of their inner strength: sturdy, built to endure and built for defence. A Raw never misses an opportunity to fight and when push comes to shove, you can count on a Raw's power (bad pun, sorry). Raw communities often adore their heroes, for whom they build statues. They are masters of self-discipline when it comes to improving their skills, and they will take quite an effort to grow stronger and better. And if there is something they really cannot understand, it is this pesky "Tech Stuff" the Techs are cluttering the city with. But hey, what can be smashed can't get in your way! The only thing a Raw fears to a certain degree is magic. All this invisible mind bending, rune writing, book reading... er... stuff! Even thinking of it makes my brain twist!
Well (*cough*) , it would, if I were a Raw, that is.

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Enlarge image: House Raw Power