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Fiction Fighters

Fiction Fighters newsletter

Written by Steven on Monday 13 October 2008
Today CipSoft has released the first newsletter of their new MMO Fiction Fighters. The newsletter goes as follows:

Fiction Fighters news

Welcome to Episode One of the incredible Fiction Fighters Newsletter!

Surely you have already waited eagerly for the disclosure of some top secret information... well, your wait is over! Today, I'm going to reveal something about the exciting world of Fiction Fighters!

Our world is huge. Nearly all of it is covered by one large city called “Alexandria” (similar to the Egyptian city you might know from your world, which, in fact, was named after our city). The city spans across several continents, across plains, mountains, seas and sea floors (not below 20000 leagues).

Fiction Fighters library

Since the word “country” lost its meaning for us during the age of mega urbanization, Alexandria is divided into hundreds of quarters. Each quarter consists of several districts. The inhabitants of the single quarters differ culturally and visually, as each quarter has its own climate and its own fashion.

The centre of our beautiful city is the “Port of Alexandria”, which houses the largest, the important and most white building in this world - the “Library”. Some facts about the Library of Alexandria: The building is approximately 15 kilometres high. It is a small city in itself, offering housing and accommodation for more than 12,000 staff members. There is a ring of seven “Aerial Transit Platforms” connected to the building halfway up, and a ring of five “Teleportal Beacons” floats at the top of the building. A large train transit centre is located at ground level. Millions of people visit this place every day, browsing countless historic and fictional tomes at the “Library Heart”. Military protection is provided by a watch force of twenty one infantry legions, magical defence is ensured by a set of one hundred and thirteen protection sigils. The library complex is operated by four super computers which coordinate service and protection. Now, that's huge, isn't it?

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Enlarge image: Fixion Fighters Alexandria