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Winners of the Story Telling Contest

Written by Steven on Friday 10 October 2008
Our story telling contest has come to an end. Many brilliant stories have been submitted, and we are happy that so many players have participated.

The challenge was to write a story about the topic Team Spirit in Tibia. The story had to fit in one forum post only. Mirade and Rejana have read all submitted stories and chose their five favourite stories. In a poll that ended yesterday, all players were asked to read these five stories and to tell us which of them they like best.

We are now happy to announce the winners of our story telling contest:

5th place: Story 2 in the poll, written by Cleya Talone
4th place: Story 4 in the poll, written by Thala Vali
3rd place: Story 3 in the poll, written by Romeo Braveheart
2nd place: Story 1 in the poll, written by Calamity maja

And the winner is: 1st place: Story 5 in the poll, written by Baladha

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Enlarge image: Team spirit

Last but not least, we would also like to inform you about the prizes that the authors of the five winning stories have won. All five players will be rewarded with an item that nobody else owns in Tibia so far - a CM Token!
The CM Token is a very rare decorative item. It can be hung on a wall, and it usually has an inscription. They cannot be bought anywhere in Tibia, but will only be handed out by community managers on special occasions.

In addition the authors of our story telling contest have won the following prizes:

1st place: 180 days of premium time, and a golden goblet
2nd place: 90 days of premium time, and a silver goblet.
3rd place: 90 days of premium time, and a bronze goblet.

The prizes have been sent to the depot of the authors' home town.

As we have already said, many brilliant stories had been submitted for the contest. We would like to say thank you to all players who have participated in the first contest that was held by the new community management department. If you are interested in having a good read, please check out the thread Story Telling Contest.