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Tibia news

Tibia client 8.31

Written by Steven on Wednesday 01 October 2008
With yesterday's patch, the account login was revised and players now have to log in with their account name and password. Please keep in mind that if you have changed your account name, the login only works with the new Tibia client version 8.3.! Some players have changed their account name and tried to log in without having applied the patch before. Hence, they received an error message and cannot patch the old client anymore. To be able to log in with their new account name, those players have to download and install the new client from our website.

So please keep in mind that you should first apply the patch or download and install the new client before you use a new account name to log in.

We would also like to remind you that you should never give your account name and password to anybody. If you should ever need the help of Tibia's customer support, you can give them the name of one of your characters. Another simple and good protection is to avoid easy-to-guess account names such as your character name or real life name.

Download Tibia 8.31