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What is stamina?

Written by Dark Ruler Hades on Sunday 09 September 2007
To discourage account sharers and cavebotters, CipSoft introduced stamina. The stamina bar is located in your skills window, above your magic level.


When you're gaining experience your stamina will drop. When your stamina is full you have 42 hours of stamina. During the first hour of your hunt you'll have a 50% experience bonus (only for premium players). So, as long as you're above 41 hours of stamina you'll get 150% of the experience points you normally get.

When your stamina goes below 14 hours you'll only gain half experience and when it's on 0 you won't gain experience at all. When you're mana sitting or training, your stamina won't decrease, only when you're really hunting. For every 3 minutes your character is logged out, you'll get 1 minute of stamina back, with the exception of the last hour of regeneration, which will take 12 minutes to recover 1 minute stamina.

Stamina is not really something to worry about. It will almost never go below 30. What you can do when your stamina is getting low is playing on another character. When you play on another character your main character is logged out and stamina will restore. The only people that will really get affected are account sharers since now they have to be logged out 16 hours from the 24 hours a day got.