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Monday 28 June 2010 - posted by Endo Zain
Endo Zainty for the advice
Friday 10 July 2009 - posted by Empire Champion
Empire ChampionYeah I just found it out. Had 3 tasks done and he just gave me promotion but I forgot your name (A) Stick out tongue

Anyway, thanks Big grin
Friday 10 July 2009 - posted by Gravis Mors
Gravis MorsHey, i'm the guy that reported a bug on the hunting tasks a while ago, at calmera, remmeber?

well anyways, i checked wiki and it said nothing but by now they say how killing the boss coutns as a task so my bug wasn't a bug.

Thx for your time.
Monday 22 June 2009 - posted by Verethdemonspear
Verethdemonspearyo ;p
Thursday 04 June 2009 - posted by Empire Champion
Empire ChampionHai nub, where are my free itans? Embarressment
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