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PicItem nameWeightFunctionLoot from
AmphoraAmphora97.00Holds liquidsBehemoth
Baking TrayBaking Tray12.00
Blessed Wooden StakeBlessed Wooden Stake5.00Can be used on the dead bodies of Vampires and Demons to get Demon Dust or Vampire Dust.
BottleBottle2.50Grynch Clan Goblin, Orc Warrior
BowlBowl3.80You can use it to hold liquid.Elf Arcanist, Priestess, Vampire
Bowl (2)Bowl (2)18.50
Bricklayers KitBricklayers Kit18.00Needed in the Machinery of War quest.
BroomBroom11.00Grynch Clan Goblin, Witch
Brown FlaskBrown Flask3.00Dark Monk, Gozzler, Monk
CleaverCleaver6.60Diabolic Imp, Dworc Fleshhunter, Fire Devil
Closed TrapClosed Trap21.00Can be used to damage creatures.Poacher
CupCup2.00It can hold liquid.
Cup (2)Cup (2)2.00It can hold liquid.
Dwarven PickaxeDwarven Pickaxe60.00Pass item for Explorer Society quest.
Elvenhair RopeElvenhair Rope6.00
Fire BugFire Bug30.50Needed to burn sugar canes.
Fireproof HornFireproof Horn2.00
Fishing RodFishing Rod8.50Needed, together with worms, to fish.Minotaur Guard, Swamp Troll
Golem DisassemblerGolem Disassembler15.00
Grappling HookGrappling Hook
Ice PickIce Pick70.00To get an Icicle.
InkwellInkwell2.00Elf Arcanist, Warlock
JugJug7.50It can hold liquid.
Juice SqueezerJuice Squeezer15.00Needed to make juice extracts.
Knife (kitchen)Knife (kitchen)1.00Needed to cut a Pumpkin into a Pumkin Face and needed to make a Cake. Also needed for Ingrients mission of Ice Islands quest.
Light ShovelLight Shovel15.00Used to open loose stone piles and to open holes on treasure island.Pirate Cutthroat
Mechanical Fishing RodMechanical Fishing Rod9.20Required to catch Mechanical Fish.
Metal FittingMetal Fitting2.50Needed to build rails on a drawbridge in the Royal Rescue quest.
MugMug2.50It can hold liquid.
Obsidian KnifeObsidian Knife1.00Can be used on the dead bodies of Dragons, Dragon Lords, all kinds of Minotaurs, all kinds of Lizards and Bonebeasts. there is a chance of 10% that you will get a leather(or a Hardened Bone from Bonebeasts). Can also be used on Ice Cubes to cut Mammoth Ice Sculptures.
Oven SpatulaOven Spatula14.00
PanPan18.00Needed for Antidote Rune quest.
PickPick45.00Used to open secret holes and to destroy stones.Behemoth, Destroyer, Dwarf
PitchforkPitchfork25.00Diabolic Imp, Fire Devil
RakeRake15.00Needed for the Eleonore quest
Rolling PinRolling Pin5.00Crazed Beggar
RopeRope18.00Needed to climb up holes or to rope up players, monsters or items.Hero, Island Troll, Man In The Cave, Marsh Stalker, Troll
Rum FlaskRum Flask2.80Holds liquidsPirate Buccaneer, Pirate Cutthroat, Pirate Marauder
Rust RemoverRust Remover2.50It can be used to clean and polish old and rusty armors.
SawSaw10.00DecorationDark Torturer
Shimmer SwimmerShimmer Swimmer9,99Can be transformed into: Shimmer Ball, Shimmer Bow, Shimmer Glower, Shimmer Rod, Shimmer Sword and Shimmer Wand.
ShovelShovel35.00Needed to open loose stone piles and holes on Treasure Island.Dwarf Soldier, Minotaur
Small AxeSmall Axe20.00You can trade it for a Pick in Rookgaard.Goblin, Goblin Assassin, Goblin Leader, Goblin Scavenger
Sneaky Stabber of ElitenessSneaky Stabber of Eliteness3.00Can open holes, pick holes, rope you and others up, cut jungle grass.
SpoonSpoon1.00Needed for ingridients mission of Ice Islands Quest.
Squeezing  Gear of GirlpowerSqueezing Gear of Girlpower3.00Can be used to open holes, pick holes, rope you and others up, cut jungle grass.
Tinder BoxTinder Box2.00
TrapTrap21.00Trap monsters.
WatchWatch0.50Shows the Tibia time(1 houre in real-life is 1 day in Tibia).
Watering CanWatering Can8.50Can be used to water a Flower Pot
WaterskinWaterskin7.00Elf Scout
Whacking Driller of FateWhacking Driller of Fate3.00Can be used to open holes, pick holes, rope you and others up, cut jungle grass.
Wooden HammerWooden Hammer6.00Crazed Beggar
Wooden SpoonWooden Spoon1.00Crazed Beggar
Wooden StakeWooden Stake5.00It can become blessed by making Blessed Wooden Stake Quest.
WormWorm0.20Needed for fishing.Carrion Worm, Cave Rat, Chicken, Crypt Shambler, Elder Mummy, Feverish Citizen, Ghoul, Ghoulish Hyaena, Gnarlhound, Hyaena, Marsh Stalker, Mummy, Mutated Human, Rotworm, Terror Bird, Tomb Servant, Undead Prospector