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PicItem nameWeightFunctionLoot from
Axe ringAxe ring0.90Increases your axe fighting skill with 4 levels for 30 minutesDwarf Guard, Dwarf Soldier, Plaguesmith
Broken Wedding RingBroken Wedding Ring0.40
Club ringClub ring0.90Increases your club fighting skill with 4 levels for 30 minutesCyclops, Cyclops Drone, Cyclops Smith, Frost Giant, Frost Giantess, Gargoyle, Kongra, Madareth, Plaguesmith, War Golem
Crystal RingCrystal Ring0.90DecorationElder Mummy, Energy Elemental, Mummy, Nightstalker, Stone Golem, Vashresamun, Warlock
Death ringDeath ring0.80Reduces your shielding with 11 levels for 8 minutes it's also needed for the dreamer's challenge questBetrayed Wraith, Blightwalker, Dark Torturer, Diabolic Imp, Golgordan, Grim Reaper, Latrivan, Lost Soul, Nightmare, Nightmare Scion, Souleater, Spectre
Dwarven RingDwarven Ring1.10Prevents drunkenness for 60 minutesDwarf, Gozzler, Haunted Treeling, Lost Berserker, Massive Earth Elemental, Novice Of The Cult, Orewalker, Stone Devourer, War Golem
Energy RingEnergy Ring0.80Provides you with a magic shield for 10 minutesDragon Lord, Energy Elemental, Enlightened Of The Cult, Frost Dragon, Hand Of Cursed Fate, Infernalist, Magma Crawler, Massive Water Elemental, Metal Gargoyle, Mutated Bat, Serpent Spawn, The Old Widow, Warlock, Water Elemental
Engraved Wedding RingEngraved Wedding Ring0.40
Gold RingGold Ring1.00DecorationBlightwalker, Demon
Life RingLife Ring0.80Heals 1 hp and 4 mana per 3 seconds for 20 minutesAcolyte Of The Cult, Barbarian Skullhunter, Deepling Elite, Deepling Master Librarian, Deepling Scout, Deepling Spellsinger, Deepling Warrior, Ghoul, Lizard Dragon Priest, Massive Water Elemental, Mutated Tiger, Serpent Spawn, The Noxious Spawn, The Snapper, Water Elemental, Zombie
Might RingMight Ring1.00Reduces fire, poison and energy damage by 25%, it has 20 chargesDemon, Diamond Servant, Hero, Worker Golem
Power ringPower ring0.80Increases your fist fighting skill with 6 levels for 30 minutesDark Monk, Kongra, Stone Golem
Ring of HealingRing of Healing0.80Heals 4 mana and 1 hp per second for 8 minutesBanshee, Demon, Esmeralda, Hydra, Kollos, Lersatio, Lich, Quara Hydromancer, Quara Hydromancer Scout, Rahemos, Sea Serpent
Ring of the SkyRing of the Sky0.40DecorationDraken Spellweaver, Draken Warmaster, Warlock
Ring of WishesRing of Wishes
Signet RingSignet Ring0.80Pass item of the Secret Service Quest
Stealth RingStealth Ring1.00Makes you invisible for 10 minutesBrimstone Bug, Demon, Diabolic Imp, Ghost, Mamma Longlegs, Minotaur Hunter, Mutated Rat, Phantasm, Pirate Ghost, Quara Mantassin, Quara Mantassin Scout, Sea Serpent, Spectre, Sulphur Scuttler, Troll Legionnaire, Young Sea Serpent
Sword RingSword Ring0.90Increases your sword fighting skill with 4 levels for 30 minutesMooh'tah Warrior, Orc Leader, Vulcongra
The Claw of The Noxious Spawn The Claw of The Noxious Spawn 5.00
Time RingTime Ring0.90Makes you run faster for 10 minutesAdept Of The Cult, Armadile, Crystal Spider, Giant Spider, Hide, Spitter, Tarantula, The Old Widow, Werewolf
Wedding RingWedding Ring0.40Banshee, Hero