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Liquids & potions

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PicItem nameWeightFunction
Berserk PotionBerserk Potion2.00Temporary increases your melee fighting (sword, club, axe and fist) with 5, but decreases your defense with 10
BloodBlood1.80Needed for the Banshee quest and to enter the Pits of Inferno
Bullseye PotionBullseye Potion2.00Increases your distance skill but decreases your defense.
Cocktail GlassCocktail GlassStores liquids.
Coconut MilkCoconut Milk1.80
Concentrated Demonic BloodConcentrated Demonic Blood2.00When used, it turns into either a Strong Health Potions or a Strong Mana Potion.
Cough SyrupCough Syrup3.00Needed for Banuta Quest
Fruit JuiceFruit Juice1.80
Great Health PotionGreat Health Potion2.20Instantly recovers HP
Great Mana PotionGreat Mana Potion2.20Instantly recovers mana
Great Spirit PotionGreat Spirit Potion22.00Heals about 300 hit points and 150 mana
Health PotionHealth Potion1.80Instantly recovers HP
LifefluidLifefluid1.80Instantly heals HP
Mana PotionMana Potion1.80Instantly recovers mana
ManafluidManafluid1.80Instantly recovers mana
Mastermind PotionMastermind Potion2.00Temporary increases your magic level with 3
MilkMilk1.80Needed to bake Cakes or Gingerbreadmen
OilOil1.80Needed to refill lamps and to enter the Pits of Inferno
Small Health PotionSmall Health Potion1.75Heals about 20 HP
Strong Health PotionStrong Health Potion2.00Instantly recovers HP
Strong Mana PotionStrong Mana Potion2.00Instantly recovers mana
Ultimate Health PotionUltimate Health Potion2.20Heals about 750 HP
Warrior's SweatWarrior's Sweat3.00
WaterWater1.80Needed to bake bread