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Light sources

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PicItem nameWeightFunction
CandelabrumCandelabrum50.00It gives light.
CandlestickCandlestick3.00It's rarely used because it gives less light than a Torch and it only lasts a short period. It's used to light up a pumpkin. You can also combine it with a Skull to make a Skull Candle.
Christmas BranchChristmas Branch18.00Christmas Decoration that you can put on the walls of houses.
Eye of the StormEye of the Storm
Frozen StarlightFrozen Starlight0.20It provides permament blue light if equipped. You can use it to wake up Yakchal.
Glass of GooGlass of Goo17.00
LampLamp30.00Provides light for a period of time but it's not very useful. Use oil to refill the lamp.
Magic Light WandMagic Light Wand15.00Emits purple light for 50 minutes.
Pumpkin HeadPumpkin Head12.50Used on Haloween. Carve it from a Pumpkin by using Knife (Kitchen) and lit it with a Candle to provide light.
Shimmer GlowerShimmer Glower10,00Provides few squares of blue light.
Skull CandleSkull Candle22.00After you combined a Skull and a Candle you can get light for 50 minutes.
Sun MirrorSun Mirror8.50
TorchTorch5.00It's a good item that gives light for 20 minutes.
Trapped LightningTrapped Lightning9.00