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Deleted items

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PicItem nameWeightFunction
Amulet of LifeAmulet of Life4.20
Blue SpellwandBlue Spellwand23.00
Conjurer WandConjurer Wand19.50
Elven WandElven Wand21.00
Golden WandGolden Wand43.00
Green SpellwandGreen Spellwand23.00
Key RingKey Ring0.50You can put 20 items inside. This item were changed for Broken Key Ring on summer update 2010.
Red SpellwandRed Spellwand23.00
Ritual WandRitual Wand
Tempest RodTempest Rod
Wand of MightWand of Might29.00
Wand of PlagueWand of Plague
Wooden WandWooden Wand26.50
Yellow Spell WandYellow Spell Wand23.00