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PicItem nameWeightLoot fromObtain by
Bat DecorationBat Decoration2.00
Bejeweled TelescopeBejeweled Telescope95.00Treasure Hunt quest.
Black SkullBlack Skull24.00Flameborn, Hellspawn
Blood GobletBlood Goblet4.90
Blood SkullBlood Skull4.90Can be found as a daily spawn in the hidden floor in the Vengoth Castle wich can only be accesed after completing the Vampire Hunter quest.
Blue Cristmas GarlandBlue Cristmas Garland5.00You can get it as present from Santa Claus.
Bonebeast TrophyBonebeast Trophy5.00Bonebeast, Ribstride
Bookcase (Ab'Dendriel)Bookcase (Ab'Dendriel)
Bronze GobletBronze Goblet15.00
Cake TapestryCake Tapestry10.00
Christmas WreathChristmas Wreath10.00
Crystal BallCrystal Ball34.00Priestess
Crystal of BalanceCrystal of Balance8.50Cliff Strider, Ironblight, Nightstalker
Crystal of FocusCrystal of Focus8.00
Crystal of PowerCrystal of Power8.50Ironblight, War Golem
Crystal WandCrystal Wand28.00
Dracoyle StatueDracoyle Statue15.00Hellspawn
Golden FigurineGolden Figurine15.00
Golden GobletGolden Goblet15.00
Hieroglyph BannerHieroglyph Banner10.00Death Priest
Mammoth Ice SculptureMammoth Ice Sculpture20.00Using an Obsidian Knife on an Ice Cube three times might give you this rare sculpture. More often than not though, it will break.
Mind StoneMind Stone2.50Demon Skeleton, Destroyer, Hand Of Cursed Fate, Lich, Ushuriel, Warlock
Model ShipModel Ship13.00
Oracle FigurineOracle Figurine8.00
Pharaoh BannerPharaoh Banner10.00
Shimmer BallShimmer Ball2.00Can be obtained by using Shimmer Swimmer on Bellow.
Silver GobletSilver Goblet15.00Lost Soul
Skeleton DecorationSkeleton Decoration10.00Lost Soul, Nightmare
Small Oil LampSmall Oil Lamp9.00Blue Djinn, Efreet, Green Djinn, Marid
Snow Flake TapestrySnow Flake Tapestry10.00
Strange SymbolStrange Symbol2.00Behemoth, Dworc Voodoomaster