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PicItem nameWeightFunction
Amulet of LossAmulet of Loss4.20If you have an Amulet of Loss equipped when you die you won't lose anything you carry. Amulets of Loss don't work if you have a red skull or black skull.
Ancient AmuletAncient Amulet8.40Decoration
Beetle NecklaceBeetle Necklace8.20Gives 2+ speed
Broken AmuletBroken Amulet4.20Decoration
Bronze AmuletBronze Amulet5.00Prevents you from losing mana due to mana drain. It prevents 20% of the drain. It has 200 charges.
Bronze NecklaceBronze Necklace4.10Decoration
Crystal NecklaceCrystal Necklace4.90Decoration
Demonbone AmuletDemonbone Amulet6.90Decoration
Dragon NecklaceDragon Necklace6.30Reduces damage done by fire with 8%, rounded up to the nearest whole number. It has 200 charges.
Elven AmuletElven Amulet2.70Reduces fire, earth, ice, energy, death, holy and physical damage by 5%, rounded up to the next whole number. (not working for mana and life drain). It has 50 charges.
Garlic NecklaceGarlic Necklace3.80Reduces damage done by life drain with 20%. It has 150 charges.
Gearwheel ChainGearwheel Chain10.00This is the necklace with the highest armor in-game so far.
Glacier AmuletGlacier Amulet5.00Gives 20% protection against Ice damage but increases the damage taken from Fire by 10%. It has 200 charges.
Golden AmuletGolden Amulet8.30Decoration
Jeroms Family NecklaceJeroms Family Necklace6.30Part of Troll Sabotage Quest
Koshei's Ancient AmuletKoshei's Ancient Amulet5.50Reduces death damage with 8% but increases holy damage with 50%.
Leviathan's AmuletLeviathan's Amulet7.00Protects you for 60% from physical and 40% from ice damage.
Lightning PendantLightning Pendant5.00Increases energy protection with 20% but reduces earth protection with 10%. It has 200 charges.
Magma AmuletMagma Amulet5.00Increases protection against fire with 20%, but reduces protection against ice with 10%. It has 200 charges.
Necklace Of The DeepNecklace Of The Deep5.09protection life drain +50%
Paw AmuletPaw AmuletDecoration
Platinum AmuletPlatinum Amulet6.00Increases your armor with 2.
Protection AmuletProtection Amulet5.50Reduces physical damage with 6%. It has 250 charges.
Ruby NecklaceRuby Necklace5.70Decoration
Sacred Tree AmuletSacred Tree Amulet7.00Protects you for 60% of physical damage and 40% of earth damage.
Scarab AmuletScarab Amulet7.70Decoration
ScarfScarf2.00Increases your armor with 1.
Shockwave AmuletShockwave Amulet7.00Protects you for 60% physical damage and 40% energy damage. It has 5 charges.
Shrunken Head NecklaceShrunken Head Necklace5.50
Silver AmuletSilver Amulet5.00Reduces earth damage by 10%. It has 200 charges.
Silver NecklaceSilver Necklace4.80Decoration
Star AmuletStar Amulet6.10Decoration
Stone Skin AmuletStone Skin Amulet7.00Reduces physical and death damage by 80%. It has 5 charges.
Strange TalismanStrange Talisman2.90Reduces energy damage by 10%. It has 200 charges.
Terra AmuletTerra Amulet5.00Reduces earth damage by 20% but increases fire damage by 10%, it has 200 charges
Wolf Tooth ChainWolf Tooth Chain3.30