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Default Druid Guide 8-50 FACC

First of all I recommend picking ab'dendriel as a city. But the consequence of picking ab'dendriel is that there are many pks in this city.

Take care of your character and always bring health potion.

Druid Pros:
1.High mana increase
2.Can summon monsters
3.Fast Mana Regeneration

Druid Cons:
1.Low health increase
2.Slow health Regeneration

Level 8-10
The leveling rookie
Magic Level : 1-8

(Ab'dendriel) Bring atleast 3 Meats/2 Hams before anything else. First of all get a 50gp from the depot of yours. Go down the depot and go a stairs. There you will see a NPC that sells the key for the troll cave. *Say hi to her then key then yes* Open the two doors heading the troll caves.
Equip your snakebite rod. Kill trolls get golds and earn money for your "exura" later. After getting atleast 400 gold go back to depot and change your gold into a platinum to prevent loss of money from pks. Remember: Go back home when you have 400+ gold. Go back to the cave and earn more gold.
Helmet: (The one you got from the island of destiny)
Armor: (The one you got from the island of destiny)
Legs: Plate Legs
Shield: Spellbook/Dwarven Shield
Weapon: Snakebite Rod

Level 11-15
The profit master
Magic Level : 9-14

After getting level 10 from the trolls, go to carlin. Go to the druid's guild in carlin and buy your light healing/"exura"(170gp). Now get a 20gp from your depot. Go north of carlin and you will see a npc that can let you travel to the ice islands. *Say hi then folda then yes* After getting to folda, you go down the ramp then go to the minotaur/rotworms part. Get a bag from the minotaurs/rotworms and make a lootbag. When you have many loots, go back to carlin and sell those. Thats how you make profit. Do this repeatedly and earn at least 8k of gold. When you already have 8k amount of gold buy this stuffs:
1. Focus Cape 5.5k in PvP|6-7.5k in Non-PvP/ Sprit Cloak 500gp
2. Lightning Headband 2.8-3.5k in PvP|3.8-5k in Non-Pvp

I recommend buying a spirit cloak than focus cape because of its price.
The good stuff is that lightning headband reduces energy damage by 4%.

Level 16-24

The hunting mage
Magic Level : 15-28

Buy this light magic missile/lmm.*Make atleast 2bps of lmm while hunting with dwarves(earning soul points)* With this rune you can kill most average monsters in tibia like dwarf soldiers. Now go to kazordoon, go to the 2nd mine near the ramp going to the city. The one with the npc named Budrik near the river. The dwarves drops iron ore which is 800gp - 1.2k sold to players. When you already have 2bps of lmm you can hunt in -2/ depth of the cave. Hunting dwarf soldiers and dwarfs. Get a lootbag get the loots from dwarf soldiers and sell to the city. Do this repeatedly until you have 25-30k and buy this items:
1. Spellbook of Enlightenment 4-5.5k in all worlds
2. Blue Robe 9-10.5k in all worlds
3. Northwind Rod 8k from players |7.5k from NPC (PACC only)

I prefer buying spellbook of enlightenment before becoming level 30. It gives +1 magic level used to replace the +1 magic level of Focus Cape/ Spirit Cloak because you will use blue robe. Northwind Rod because you will likely kill dwarf soldiers and dwarves.

Level 25-38
The insane summoning druid
Magic Level : 29-34

Buy a ultimate healing rune spell and a ultimate healing spell. Go to thais, and go to mintwallin at level 25 you can summon fire devil and you will likely heal him with the UH rune. Getting lootbags is very needed! Minotaur Guard/Mages and Minotaur drops so many loots. Making mintwallin the place of free money. After making so many loots and having 18-20k, buy this items:
1. Springsprout Rod atleast 16-20k from players

Springsprout Rod because you will attack the minos with the fire devil.
When you turn to level 27, now you can summon the monks. Summon a monk, now you have a fire devil and a monk. Let the monk tank the minos.
Now you can easily level up and having very large profit.

Level 39-50
The massive tanker
Magic Level : 35-40

Go to the mount sternum or the cyclops mountain and go down the ladder.
They call it the cyclops cave/cyclopolis/cyclops world. There are many players there and sometimes none. You can 22kexp/h there. Summon 2 monks to tank the cyclops or to kill the cyclops fast summon a monk and a orc berserker. When you summon the orc berserker be sure you have many UH runes. *Bring atleast a BP of SD* So that you can fast kill the drones and the smiths. You can buy anything now because of their loot. Also you can hunt dwarf guards with 2 monks. They have the best loot in tibia. You can earn 10k in just 40min hunting dwarf guards.


Applicable to level 9-15 only:
Bring atleast 4-5 hams with 2 meats and go to ab'dendriel bug farm(near the depot in ab'dendriel). With level 9 you have many mana, spam utevo when you have 20 mana or more. With level 11 you have many mana, buy create food then spam exura gran.

Author: Danielxp

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Nice guide man
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yeah good man!
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Edit: Nevermind, missed the "FACC". XD

It's indeed a nice guide. ^^
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I posted your guide on my fansite but of course with your name in the end of the tutorial.

You can view it here: http://www.tibia help.net/guides2.php?page=2

(This is not a supported fansite yet and you'll need to delete the space between tibia and help due to TibiaML's spam filter. (Many people are posting hacklinks and advertisements for their tibia gold site here on the forums).
Are you looking to get in-game support online through a Tibia fansite? Then you should have a look at "Tibia help.net" without the quotes and the space between Tibia and help - which is mainly focusing on support and help tools, also help related information.
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I like your guide. Good work ;]
English is not my maternal language so if you see that I have made any mistake please correct me
Thanks in advance! ^^

My Life Thread (EK)

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Decent for a facc guide. Facc druids are so boring though!
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Originally Posted by Snowbelle View Post
Sooo... I was looking at druid hunting guides and saw this. I said, " Nice guide. Will use it on my druid." Then I saw the author. *facepalm* It was written by my brother. :P
Haha, he did an awesome job though, looks really good!
I'm sure it will be usefull for new players.
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