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Default How to link to stuff on the world map?

Our newly released world map at http://map.tibiaml.com/ offers a lot of ways to link to locations on the map but they're not all so easy to discover so below are the most important ones.

Linking locations

To link to a location using the coordinates, just select a tile on the map using the left mouse button and copy the link from the link box on the left. For example the link to the Thais depot would be:

http://map.tibiaml.com/?p=32346,32224,7:10 (open link)
In this link we got the next parts:


x: horizontal coordinate
y: vertical coordinate
z: selected floor
a: zoom level

The smaller the zoom level the further zoomed out the map will be. Minimum zoom level is 3 and maximum is 10. E.g. linking Thais Depot completely zoomed our would be like:

http://map.tibiaml.com/?p=32346,32224,7:3 (open link)

Alternatively you can also link the Thais Depot by using the location label text. Be careful with this as not all locations have been added yet.

http://map.tibiaml.com/?l=thais+depot (open link)

Linking NPCs

You can also link to NPCs. E.g. to link to King Tibianus we could do something like:

http://map.tibiaml.com/?npc=king+tibianus (open link)

Linking monster spawns

It's also possible to link to monster spawns. E.g. to link to all Dragon Lord spans, you just have to link like below:

http://map.tibiaml.com/?c=dragon+lord (open link)
This will place markers on your map. There are 3 different markers with different meanings.

This means that the creature spawns on the current floor.
This means that the creature spawns on one of the floors above the current floor.
This means that the creature spawns on one of the floors below the current floor.

When you change floor the markers should update automatically showing if the monster is on the current floor or above/below it.

Linking minimap

To link to the minimap instead of the satellite view, just add &minimap to the back of the URL. E.g. for Thais Depot:

http://map.tibiaml.com/?l=thais+depot&minimap (open link)

Coming soon
  • Linking to guides (paths on the map)
  • Embedding a small map into your site/application

If you have any problem linking something or a location, NPC or monster isn't found, contact either me or Aleex.

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Cheers for the tip
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