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Welcome guys!

Since my screenshots were deleted for some reason I decided to start this thread all over again .
Here, I'll be posting screenshots of loot, advancements, quests, fights and other random stuff I do at the game I hope you guys enjoy your visit here and it will encourage you guys to make similar threads showing us your tibian life!

Let's start , first of all I'll give you guys a list of the software/hardware I use for all of the Tibia Stuff

HUD's and Loot counter: Tibialyzer this is a Cip approved program you can find all of the info needed in the official website, full credit goes to Mytherin.

Proxy: Since right now I'm playing an European server with some of my friends I'm using NoPing Tunnel

Voice communication: I use Ts3 from my point of view the best voice communication software cause of the low pc usage and requirements also its in real time which means NO DELAYS!

Mouse: I use a Logitech g300s with the logitech software (it gives me hotkey binds with mouse clics making it easier to hunt!)

Screenshot Taker: I use a screenshot taker I downloaded from Look Here <<<<.

Photo Edition: Edit with 1 click HAHA Pixlr Express!.

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