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Forum rules

A forum with a lot of visitors and posters needs rules. We don't have many rules, but the few rules we have should be respected at all time.

1. Law
You can not post copyrighted material, break someone's privacy, share your forum account, spam and advertise. You only are responsible for the content of your messages.

UPDATED 2. Bad language
When making threads keep in mind that there are children on our forum, so adult content (such as pornographic material) is strictly forbidden. Also mind your language and show respect for other users, even if you dislike them. Insulting other posters isn't allowed, and will result in a warning, followed by a ban. Insulting a staff member will result in a direct ban. You should respect our staff members that are doing this job as volunteers.

3. Tibia rules
Also on this forum the Tibia rules should be respected. This means no account trading, buying or selling; no buying or selling items or similar things for real money; no posts about cheats… Violating one of the tibia rules result in a direct and permanent ban. We are also against OT, so posting about OT and everything that has to do with it is forbidden.

4. Quest spoiling

5. Hacking websites
We allow links to well known websites like tibia.com, imageshack.us, tibianews.net... We don't allow site's like hackme.com (it's an example). You are responsible for the links you post, and posting a hacking site will result in a permanent ban from our forums. As a guest you're never allowed to post links other then the ones of Tibiacity, the official site and supported fansites.

6. Multiple accounts to violate the rules
We track your IP and e-mail addresses and reserve the right to ban other accounts of you if you violate the rules on any of your Tibia ML accounts.

7. Tibiacam rules
To increase the security of our members you need to have at least 20 posts before you can post links to Tibiacam movies. this would lower the chance that someone just registeres to post an unsafe link. All links, safe or not, of people with less then 20 posts will be deleted without any pardon.

8. Signature
Your signature can be maximum 470 pixels wide. Larger signatures will be removed.

9. Client modifications and Tibia alternatives
As requested by CipSoft discussions about games similar to Tibia (like Phobos) are not allowed. Reason for this is also unknown for us. Discussions about sprite editing and re-skins are allowed as long as it doesn't give an in-game advantage.

10. Changes
Tibia ML remains the right to change these rules at any time. It's your responsibility to regulary check them again so you know the last additions.

TIP 11. Reporting a post violating these rules
If you see a post violating the rules above, we would appreciate it if you reported that post. To report a post, click on the under someone's post. Enter a message why you report him, and your report will be forwarded to our moderating team. We greatly appreciate your help.
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