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Tibia creatures

Name Exp Hp Exp/hp Loot
Panda Panda 23 80 0.29 Ham, Meat - [Loot statistics]
Parrot Parrot 0 25 0 Creature is always empty
Penguin Penguin 1 33 0.03 Fish - [Loot statistics]
Phantasm Phantasm 3300 3950 0.84 Abyss Hammer, Blank Rune, Demonic Essence, Gold Coin, Great Mana Potion, Platinum Coin, Rusty Armor, Shadow Herb, Small Emerald, Soul Orb, Stealth Ring, Ultimate Health Potion - [Loot statistics]
Pig Pig 0 25 0 Meat, Pig Foot - [Loot statistics]
Pirate Buccaneer Pirate Buccaneer 250 420 0.6 Battle Shield, Compass, Dice, Eye Patch, Gold Coin, Hook, Peg Leg, Pirate Backpack, Pirate Shirt, Plate Armor, Rum Flask, Sabre, Strong Health Potion, Sword, Throwing Knife, Torch, Treasure Map, Worn Leather Boots - [Loot statistics]
Pirate Corsair Pirate Corsair 350 675 0.52 Compass, Dark Armor, Dark Shield, Eye Patch, Gold Coin, Hook, Peg Leg, Pirate Backpack, Pirate Boots, Pirate Hat, Sabre, Skull Candle, Strong Health Potion, Throwing Star - [Loot statistics]
Pirate Cutthroat Pirate Cutthroat 175 325 0.54 Compass, Dice, Eye Patch, Gold Coin, Hook, Light Shovel, Peg Leg, Pirate Bag, Pirate Knee Breeches, Rum Flask, Scale Armor, Steel Shield, Sword, Treasure Map - [Loot statistics]
Pirate Ghost Pirate Ghost 250 275 0.91 Gold Coin, Stealth Ring, Tattered Piece Of Robe - [Loot statistics]
Pirate Marauder Pirate Marauder 125 210 0.6 Bandana, Chain Armor, Compass, Dice, Eye Patch, Gold Coin, Goldfish Bowl, Hook, Peg Leg, Pirate Bag, Plate Shield, Rum Flask, Spear, Sword, Torch, Treasure Map, Very Old Piece Of Paper - [Loot statistics]
Pirate Skeleton Pirate Skeleton 85 190 0.45 Big Bone, Bone, Bone Club, Gold Coin, Short Sword, Skull, Spooky Blue Eye, Sword - [Loot statistics]
Plaguesmith Plaguesmith 3000 8250 0.36 Axe Ring, Battle Hammer, Club Ring, Demonic Essence, Dirty Cape, Emerald Bangle, Gold Coin, Great Health Potion, Hammer Of Wrath, Knight Legs, Moldy Cheese, Morning Star, Mouldy Cheese, Onyx Arrow, Piece Of Draconian Steel, Piece Of Hell Steel, Piece Of Iron, Piece Of Royal Steel, Platinum Coin, Rusty Armor, Silver Brooch, Small Amethyst, Soul Orb, Steel Boots, Steel Shield, Two Handed Sword, War Hammer, War Horn - [Loot statistics]
Plaguethrower Plaguethrower ? Creature is always empty
Poacher Poacher 70 90 0.78 Arrow, Bow, Closed Trap, Leather Helmet, Leather Legs, Poison Arrow, Roll, Torch - [Loot statistics]
Poison Spider Poison Spider 22 26 0.85 Gold Coin, Poison Spider Shell - [Loot statistics]
Polar Bear Polar Bear 28 85 0.33 Bear Paw, Ham, Meat, Party Trumpet, Polar Bear Paw - [Loot statistics]
Priestess Priestess 420 390 1.08 Black Hood, Black Shield, Book, Bowl, Clerical Mace, Crystal Ball, Crystal Necklace, Cultish Robe, Dagger, Dark Rosary, Goat Grass, Hailstorm Rod, Mana Potion, Powder Herb, Red Apple, Sling Herb, Talon, Wood Mushroom, Wooden Flute - [Loot statistics]
Primitive Primitive 45 200 0.23 [Loot statistics]
Prince Drazzak Prince Drazzak ? [Loot statistics]
Pythius The Rotten Pythius The Rotten 7000 9000 0.78 [Loot statistics]