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Tibia creatures

Name Exp Hp Exp/hp Loot
Necromancer Necromancer 580 580 1 Book Of Necromantic Rituals, Boots Of Haste, Clerical Mace, Gold Coin, Green Mushroom, Mystic Turban, Necromantic Robe, Poison Arrow, Scale Armor, Short Sword, Skull Staff, Spellbook Of Warding, Strong Mana Potion - [Loot statistics]
Necromancer Servant Necromancer Servant 590 600 0.98 [Loot statistics]
Necromantic Energy Necromantic Energy ? [Loot statistics]
Necropharus Necropharus 700 1000 0.7 [Loot statistics]
Nightfiend Nightfiend 2100 2700 0.78 [Loot statistics]
Nightmare Nightmare 2150 2700 0.8 Ancient Shield, Boots Of Haste, Concentrated Demonic Blood, Death Ring, Demonic Essence, Double Axe, Essence Of A Bad Dream, Gold Coin, Ham, Knight Legs, Meat, Mysterious Voodoo Skull, Platinum Coin, Power Bolt, Scythe Leg, Skeleton Decoration, Soul Orb, War Axe - [Loot statistics]
Nightmare Of Gaz'haragoth Nightmare Of Gaz'haragoth 5500 ? [Loot statistics]
Nightmare Scion Nightmare Scion 1350 1400 0.96 Bar Of Chocolate, Crown Helmet, Death Ring, Diamond Sceptre, Double Axe, Essence Of A Bad Dream, Focus Cape, Gold Coin, Ham, Meat, Platinum Coin, Scythe Leg, Shadow Sceptre - [Loot statistics]
Nightstalker Nightstalker 500 700 0.71 Chaos Mace, Crystal Of Balance, Crystal Ring, Gold Coin, Haunted Blade, Platinum Amulet, Protection Amulet, Shadow Herb, Spirit Cloak, Strong Mana Potion - [Loot statistics]
Nomad Nomad 60 160 0.38 Axe, Brass Armor, Brass Shield, Chain Helmet, Gold Coin, Leather Legs, Mace, Meat, Potato, Rope Belt, Steel Shield - [Loot statistics]
Norgle Glacierbeard Norgle Glacierbeard 2100 4300 0.49 Creature is always empty
Novice Of The Cult Novice Of The Cult 100 285 0.35 Book, Cultish Robe, Dwarven Ring, Garlic Necklace, Gold Coin, Mace, Music Sheet, Pirate Voodoo Doll, Rope Belt, Scarf, Small Diamond, Wand Of Vortex - [Loot statistics]