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Tibia creatures

Name Exp Hp Exp/hp Loot
Killer Caiman Killer Caiman 800 1500 0.53 Bunch Of Ripe Rice, Bunch Of Winterberries, Crocodile Boots, Giant Shimmering Pearl, Gold Coin, Ham, Obsidian Lance, Piece Of Crocodile Leather, Small Emerald - [Loot statistics]
Killer Rabbit Killer Rabbit 160 205 0.78 [Loot statistics]
Kitty Kitty ? Creature is always empty
Kongra Kongra 115 340 0.34 Ape Fur, Banana, Club Ring, Gold Coin, Health Potion, Kongra's Shoulderpad, Plate Armor, Power Ring, Protection Amulet - [Loot statistics]
Koshei The Deathless Koshei The Deathless 0 1300 0 Creature is always empty
Kreebosh The Exile Kreebosh The Exile 350 888 0.39 Creature is always empty