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Tibia creatures

Name Exp Hp Exp/hp Loot
Hacker Hacker 45 430 0.1 [Loot statistics]
Hairman The Huge Hairman The Huge 335 600 0.56 [Loot statistics]
Hand Of Cursed Fate Hand Of Cursed Fate 5000 10500 0.48 Concentrated Demonic Blood, Demonic Essence, Energy Ring, Gold Coin, Knight Armor, Mind Stone, Onyx Arrow, Platinum Coin, Small Sapphire, Soul Orb, Wand Of Inferno - [Loot statistics]
Harbringer Of Darkness Harbringer Of Darkness ? [Loot statistics]
Haunted Treeling Haunted Treeling 310 450 0.69 Dwarven Ring, Gold Coin, Haunted Piece Of Wood, Health Potion, Orange Mushroom, Red Mushroom, Small Emerald, Strong Health Potion, White Mushroom, Wooden Trash - [Loot statistics]
Hellfire Fighter Hellfire Fighter 3900 3800 1.03 Blank Rune, Burnt Scroll, Demonbone Amulet, Demonic Essence, Emerald Bangle, Fiery Heart, Fire Axe, Fire Sword, Gold Coin, Magma Coat, Magma Legs, Piece Of Hellfire Armor, Platinum Coin, Small Diamond, Soul Orb, Wand Of Inferno - [Loot statistics]
Hellgorak Hellgorak 10000 30000 0.33 Beastslayer Axe, Black Pearl, Blue Robe, Butcher's Axe, Crown Armor, Crown Legs, Crystal Necklace, Demon Horn, Demonic Essence, Demonwing Axe, Focus Cape, Gold Coin, Golden Amulet, Golden Armor, Golden Legs, Great Health Potion, Great Mana Potion, Great Spirit Potion, Knight Legs, Magma Legs, Noble Axe, Platinum Coin, Ruby Necklace, Rusty Armor, Rusty Legs, Small Amethyst, Small Diamond, Small Emerald, Small Ruby, Small Sapphire, Small Topaz, Spellbook Of Lost Souls, Spellbook Of Mind Control, Spellbook Of Warding, Spellscroll Of Prophecies, Spirit Cloak, Steel Boots, Stone Skin Amulet, Ultimate Health Potion, Vile Axe, Voltage Armor, White Pearl - [Loot statistics]
Hellhound Hellhound 4350 7500 0.58 Black Pearl, Concentrated Demonic Blood, Demonic Essence, Gold Coin, Great Mana Potion, Ham, Hellhound Slobber, Knight Axe, Platinum Coin, Rusty Armor, Soul Orb, Spike Sword - [Loot statistics]
Hellspawn Hellspawn 2550 3500 0.73 Assassin Star, Battle Shield, Berserk Potion, Black Skull, Demonic Essence, Dracoyle Statue, Gold Coin, Great Health Potion, Hellspawn Tail, Knight Legs, Morning Star, Onyx Flail, Red Mushroom, Rusty Armor, Small Topaz, Spiked Squelcher, Ultimate Health Potion, Warrior Helmet - [Loot statistics]
Herald Of Gloom Herald Of Gloom 450 450 1 [Loot statistics]
Hero Hero 1200 1400 0.86 Arrow, Bow, Crown Armor, Crown Helmet, Crown Legs, Crown Shield, Fire Sword, Gold Coin, Grapes, Great Health Potion, Green Tunic, Lyre, Meat, Might Ring, Piggy Bank, Red Piece Of Cloth, Red Rose, Rope, Scarf, Scroll, Scroll Of Heroic Deeds, Small Notebook, Sniper Arrow, Two Handed Sword, War Hammer, Wedding Ring - [Loot statistics]
Hide Hide 240 500 0.48 Knight Legs, Platinum Coin, Spider Silk, Steel Helmet, Terra Hood, Time Ring - [Loot statistics]
High Templar Cobrass High Templar Cobrass 515 410 1.26 [Loot statistics]
Hirintror Hirintror 1500 800 1.88 [Loot statistics]
Horadron Horadron 18000 30000 0.6 [Loot statistics]
Hot Dog Hot Dog 190 505 0.38 [Loot statistics]
Hunter Hunter 150 150 1 Arrow, Bow, Brass Armor, Brass Helmet, Burst Arrow, Deer Trophy, Dragon Necklace, Hunter's Quiver, Leather Helmet, Leather Legs, Orange, Poison Arrow, Roll, Small Ruby, Torch, Wolf Trophy - [Loot statistics]
Husky Husky 0 140 0 Creature is always empty
Hyaena Hyaena 20 60 0.33 Meat, Worm - [Loot statistics]
Hydra Hydra 2100 2350 0.89 Boots Of Haste, Cucumber, Gold Coin, Ham, Hydra Egg, Hydra Head, Knight Armor, Life Crystal, Meat, Platinum Coin, Ring Of Healing, Royal Helmet, Small Sapphire, Stone Skin Amulet, Strong Mana Potion, Warrior Helmet - [Loot statistics]