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Tibia creatures

Name Exp Hp Exp/hp Loot
Earth Elemental Earth Elemental 450 650 0.69 Blank Rune, Clay Lump, Coal, Earth Arrow, Gold Coin, Lump Of Earth, Rusty Armor, Small Stone, Small Topaz, Steel Shield, Strong Mana Potion - [Loot statistics]
Earth Overlord Earth Overlord 2800 4000 0.7 Gold Coin, Lump Of Earth, Mother Soil, Platinum Coin - [Loot statistics]
Eclipse Knight Eclipse Knight ? [Loot statistics]
Efreet Efreet 325 550 0.59 Gold Coin, Green Gem, Green Piece Of Cloth, Green Tapestry, Heavy Machete, Jewelled Belt, Magma Monocle, Mystic Turban, Pear, Royal Spear, Small Emerald, Small Oil Lamp, Strong Mana Potion, Wand Of Inferno - [Loot statistics]
Egg (creature) Egg (creature) ? ? 0 [Loot statistics]
Elder Bonelord Elder Bonelord 280 500 0.56 Bonelord Helmet, Bonelord Shield, Elder Bonelord Tentacle, Envelope From The Wizards, Giant Eye, Gold Coin, Longsword, Small Flask Of Eyedrops, Sniper Arrow, Spellbook, Steel Shield, Strong Mana Potion, Two Handed Sword - [Loot statistics]
Elder Wyrm Elder Wyrm 2500 2700 0.93 [Loot statistics]
Elephant Elephant 160 320 0.5 Ham, Meat, Tusk - [Loot statistics]
Elf Elf 42 100 0.42 Arrow, Elvish Talisman, Gold Coin, Heaven Blossom, Leather Boots, Longsword, Plate Shield, Plum, Studded Armor, Studded Helmet - [Loot statistics]
Elf Arcanist Elf Arcanist 175 220 0.8 Arrow, Blank Rune, Bowl, Bread, Candlestick, Elven Amulet, Elven Astral Observer, Elvish Talisman, Gold Coin, Grave Flower, Green Tunic, Health Potion, Holy Orchid, Inkwell, Life Crystal, Melon, Sandals, Scroll, Sling Herb, Staff, Strong Mana Potion, Wand Of Cosmic Energy, Yellow Gem - [Loot statistics]
Elf Scout Elf Scout 75 160 0.47 Arrow, Bow, Elven Scouting Glass, Elvish Bow, Elvish Talisman, Gold Coin, Grapes, Heaven Blossom, Longsword, Poison Arrow, Sandals, Waterskin - [Loot statistics]
Energy Elemental Energy Elemental 450 500 0.9 Crystal Ring, Crystal Sword, Energy Ring, Flash Arrow, Gold Coin, Guardian Shield, Mana Potion, Obsidian Lance, Silver Amulet, Small Amethyst, Strong Mana Potion, Throwing Star, Wand Of Cosmic Energy - [Loot statistics]
Energy Overlord Energy Overlord 2800 4000 0.7 Gold Coin, Platinum Coin, Pure Energy - [Loot statistics]
Enlightened Of The Cult Enlightened Of The Cult 500 700 0.71 Blue Robe, Book, Cape, Cultish Mask, Cultish Symbol, Energy Ring, Gold Coin, Jewelled Backpack, Music Sheet, Mysterious Voodoo Skull, Piggy Bank, Pirate Voodoo Doll, Platinum Amulet, Protection Amulet, Skull Staff, Small Sapphire, Strong Mana Potion, Wand Of Inferno - [Loot statistics]
Enraged Soul Enraged Soul 120 150 0.8 [Loot statistics]
Esmeralda Esmeralda 600 700 0.86 Epee, Gold Coin, Halberd, Knight Armor, Mutated Rat Tail, Platinum Coin, Ring Of Healing, Small Ruby, Terra Mantle, Tower Shield - [Loot statistics]
Essence Of Darkness Essence Of Darkness 30 ? Creature is always empty
Eternal Guardian Eternal Guardian 1800 2500 0.72 Ancient Stone, Clay Lump, Coal, Gold Coin, Guardian Halberd, Iron Ore, Piece Of Marble Rock, Platinum Coin, Shiny Stone, Small Stone, Spiked Iron Ball, Tower Shield, Zaoan Halberd - [Loot statistics]
Evil Mastermind Evil Mastermind 675 1500 0.45 [Loot statistics]
Evil Sheep Evil Sheep 240 350 0.69 [Loot statistics]
Evil Sheep Lord Evil Sheep Lord 340 400 0.85 [Loot statistics]
Execowtioner Execowtioner 2400 3500 0.69 [Loot statistics]
Eye Of The Seven Eye Of The Seven ? Creature is always empty