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Tibia ML version 2

Version 2 launched

Written by Steven on Tuesday 19 August 2008
After many months of scripting, designing, translating... we finished Tibia ML version 2. Our new website version brings a lot of new features such as quest checklists, a better ordered image gallery, a development blog, an administration panel for every user, member pages, character pages, profit calculators, damage prediction, selecting your equipment, choosing a website theme... In our last 2 blog entries you can read more about some of these features.

Together with the release of our new website we fused our forum activities with the TibiaNordic forum. All members of TibiaNordic have been imported into the Tibia ML forum as well as all threads and posts. We hope that the TibiaNordic forum members find their place here and will be an active member in our community. For the new visitors among you, we hope you'll like our site and register so you can test out the new features.

Thanks for visiting Tibia ML!