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Tibia ML version 2

Second Tibia ML teaser

Written by Steven on Tuesday 12 August 2008
In our last teaser about our new website version we spoiled something about our damage prediction tool and about our profit calculator. In this teaser we would like to spoil a few more features. This will be our last teaser before we'll open our new website. The scripting work is almost done and the last translations are being made.

The first new feature we would like to tell you something about is our quest checklist. For each character you connect to your Tibia ML account you can keep a checklist with all the quests you did. This way it will be a lot easier to check at a later stage if you did a quest or did not do it yet. I know from personal experience that it's sometimes hard to remember and that I don't even know any of this information for my second characters. Our quest checklist will let you save these data and we'll store them for you so you can check them at any time. Your quest list can also be shared with the public if you opt to do so.

Quest checklist

Another little feature will be the possibility to edit the columns displayed on item lists. When you click on "edit this page" a window will pop up where you can select which columns you want to be visible. When you submit the page again our script will add the columns you selected and will remove the ones you deselected. We hope that this little customisation tool saves you from opening every single item page to check a specific "thing" you want to look up.

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Enlarge image: Edit item lists

Of course it's nice to have a lot of information, but you have to be able to find it. I know that in the past this hasn't always been easy. With our new website we'll have a search option with which you can rapidly search anything on our website (items, creatures, quests, members, screenshots, Tibia characters...). By simply typing in your keyword our scripts will search trough the database and redirect you to the matching page if there is one or else show you the matching search results.

That's the last thing we planned to spoil for now but there is a lot more to discover. To find out what these other features are you'll have to check out our website when we open, which will be very soon. It's just a matter of days now. I hope you enjoyed reading our two small spoilers and that you'll visit our site to check these things out. Hopefully you'll turn out to be one of our active fansite members.

Thanks for reading,