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Tibia ML version 2

Tibia ML version 2 teaser

Written by Steven on Friday 08 August 2008
My original idea, before I came up with the idea to create Tibia ML, was to develop a Tibia fansite in Dutch that offered information of the same quality then Tibiacity. In the past Tibiacity used to have a Dutch section, but it wasn't visited very often. I taught if it would get it's own domain and website it might work out. When I was making the first plans for the fansite I taught "why not add multiple languages to the website?" And so the idea of creating a website in multiple languages grew. The next step was choosing a suiting website name. The first name (and also the last) that came to my mind was Tibia ML (Tibia Multiple Languages). Later however the meaning of the ML changed from multiple languages to multilingual, resulting in Tibia Multilingual. Multilingual points to communication in more than one language, be it active - through speaking and writing - or passive - through listening and reading (Wikipedia, 2008).

Since 13 October 2007, the day we first opened our website, our website grew a lot. Because of this fast growing traffic we decided to make a new version of Tibia ML. The past months we have been working very hard on a new website version, and we're now pleased to announce that this new website version is almost done. This will be the second version of Tibia ML. Our new website will offer all of the current features but is expanded with a lot of new stuff. The key behind our new website is that every registered user will have a high level of customisation. This customisation includes that every user will have several website themes to choose from. Additional themes can be purchased with credits that are awarded for activity.

One of our new features is "damage prediction". As a registered users you can connect your Tibia characters to your Tibia ML account and enter your skills. When you view an weapon page you'll see how much you'll approximately hit on a monster with 0 armor (e.g. a slime). The level of your character will be automatically collected from the official Tibia website on a regular base, but if it takes too long before it updates (normally it updates every 24 hours) you can opt to update it immediately.

Damage prediction

Another new thing is our profit calculator. For every creature you can calculate the profit you made by entering your loot in a form and selecting where you'll sell your items. At the bottom you can enter the amount of money you spent on supplies and submit your data. Our script will then calculate your profit.

Profit calculator

Profit calculator results

That's all we want to spoil for now, but keep checking our development blog!