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Tibia ML statistics

Tibia ML statistics

Written by Steven on Monday 04 August 2008
We, the Tibia ML team, are currently working on a completely new Tibia ML. Already for months now we have been working hard on this new version of the site but now the moment has come to announce that the release of this new website isn't be far from present anymore. Therefor we would like to look back on how we have done over the past eight months we were online.

When we look to our visitors and pageviews we see a significant increase over the last few months. Nowadays we get four times as much traffic as the day we first opened our doors (offical date: 13 October 2007). With this traffic increase, our pageviews grew at the same rate. The average pageviews per visit is 10.

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Enlarge image: Visitors monthly

Now where does this traffic come from? Our statistics show that 43% of our visitors enter our site trough a link on another website. The biggest refering sites are Tibiacity, PortalTibia and TibiaNordic. Furthermore 36% of our users find our website in a search engine, of which 99% from Google. As last 21% of our visitors enters our site by typing the link in their address bar, by clicking a link in their favorites or by using the Tibia Toolbar.

Traffic sources

Our visitors mainly come from Brazil, Mexico, Sweden, Poland, Chile, Venezuela and Spain. For the rest we have visitors from almost all over the world with a minimum in Africa.

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Enlarge image: Countries

We hope that our traffic will keep increasing and that you'll stay one of our visitors. Make sure to check our blog regulary for more information about Tibia ML version 2.