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Rivao's job

My job at Tibia ML

Written by Rivao on Thursday 29 May 2008
Today I would like to share a word with you about the work as a Tibia ML staff member. I would like to say that everyone in our team works very hard and fast, but sadly enough this isn't entirely true. We're a small group of hard workers, trying to keep the site up to date and keep things active. This isn't always easy.

First of all I would like to mention our administrator, Steven. He's a young guy that is always helping us out and we can count on him all the time (if he's not eating Big grin). He keeps himself busy with designing tools to make our jobs at Tibia ML easier and better.

Secondly I would like to mention our super moderators. Those people check our entire forums for spam and illegal activity and keep the forums clean. They're very experienced with forums and are efficiantly solving all occuring problems. Moderators, on their turn, take care of the spam and rule violations on specific boards.

Furthermore we have the language managers. These staff members are kept responsible for one language. They hand out the work to their fellow staffers and help translating wherever they can.

Also part of our team are the people we hear less from, our graphic designers. They take care of the look of our site and are currently working on a new design.

Last but not least we have our staff members. They help us out with simple things such as making translations and posting news. They also look for bugs or help in any other way. Their job might not sound amazing, but without them we wouldn't be the site we're today. We have a lot of staff members, but not all of them are actively taking part in our team. We want to keep our site as up-to-date as possible and we would like to achieve our own supported fansite label. But to reach this goal, we need your help! If you want to help out in one of the smaller community sites, make an application at our forum today.

Spanish language manager