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Screenshot album

Your screenshot album

Written by Steven on Tuesday 16 October 2007
At Tibia ML every user can create his own free screenshot album; to upload his screenshots, real life pictures... Only a few people are using this feature at the moment, so we would like to make you warm to use these albums. Every user can create unlimited albums, host unlimited screenshots and every screenshot can have unlimited comments. To make this feature possible, we work together with ImageShack.

If you want to make your own image album, you first have to register on our website. Once you've registered and you're logged in, go to the screenshots page and fill in the form you can see on the screenshot below. On album name you fill in the name you want your album to have. There is a 30 character limit on this field. The description of your image album can be filled in in the second box. You can describe what kind of screenshots people can find in that album. For this option the limit is set on 500 characters. Please use a clear album name and album description so that other people will be able to find your screenshots easily.

Create a new album

Once you've made at least one album, you can start uploading your screenshots. To do this, just click on the album you want to upload your screens in and on this album page fill in the form you can again see on the screenshot below. Click on the Browse... button (Bladeren... on the screenshot below) and choose the screenshot you want to upload on your computer. After you have selected the screenshot you want to upload, click on Open. The location of the image will now appear in the textbox before the "Browse" button. In the description box, you describe what people can see on your screenshot and in the tags box you can put one word tags fitting your screenshots separated by a comma, e.g. for a screenshot of Orshabaal you could put "Demon, Bosses, Orshabaal". Again make sure to fill in the description and tags as they'll be used for our search engine.

Upload a screenshot

After you've uploaded your screenshots, people can comment them. You can also comment screenshots of other members. Commenting a screenshot again works with an easy form, and yes you can see it in the image below. As first you have to select a rating from 1-5, furthermore you have to choose the language of your comment (by default it's set to the language of the site you're viewing) and as last you can leave a comment about the image. Comments and ratings should be constructive and should not be like "DuDe, you suxOr ass!!!!".

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