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Tibia Multilingual

What is Tibia ML?

Written by Steven on Sunday 07 October 2007
Tibia ML is a new Tibia fansite that opened its doors on 13 October 2007. ML stands for multilingual (multiple languages) which points to the purpose of our website: offering Tibia information in as many languages as possible. For now we offer detailed information about Tibia in English, Dutch, Swedish, Finish, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish and French. In the future we surely plan to add more languages, so people who want to help us translating are always welcome.

Many different languages

Our site now contains 6 sections in every language; homepage, forum, items, creatures, articles and screenshots. The homepage section of course contains our homepage, but furthermore it also contains our news archive. On our forum you can exchange your thoughts about Tibia or any other subject with other players in your own language (except Spanish, this will come later). Items and creatures offer detailed information about most items and creatures in Tibia, while our article section contains guides and articles about Tibia. In our screenshot section you can not only watch screenshots of Tibia, but also create your own photo albums.

As we want you (our visitors) to actively take part in our website (this helps us to develop the site to the best of your needs) we've thought out a reward system. If you post on our forums, report site bugs, refer your friends to our site... you can earn credits. You can spend these credits in our store to buy new backgrounds, banners... for our site. From time to time we'll also add some nice prizes (e.g. premium accounts). To prevent spamming we've also installed a system that will make you lose credits when a post is deleted or when you report us false information. If you do not have credits yet, don't worry as we also have some free backgrounds available for you to choose from.

Buying a background

As people often want to see certain information on item lists and others want to see totally different information we also came up with the idea to let the user choose this for his own. With our 'generate a custom item page' feature you can create your own item page in half a minute. Select the category you want to see and the columns you want to display and our script will generate the page for you. You can then bookmark the page for a later visit.

Custom item pages

On our item pages we also did our best to make them as user friendly as possible. One example of this is the column on the right with other items placed under this category. Another example is the nutritious table on our food pages showing the ammount of mana and HP all vocations will restore when eating that certain piece of food. A last example is the way our 'loot from' is shown. Instead of just a list of monsters we've been creative and made boxes with the monsters name, the sprite of the monster, it's HP and it's exp. On this way, you can get a fast idea of what monsters you're capable of killing and what monsters you can't yet.

Creature images on item pages

For our forum we've chosen to use vBulletin because we think it's the most advanced, feature rich and user friendliest forum available. It's very easy to work with for both moderators as visitors and it offers good options to prevent spambots from spamming the forums. Every user also gets a personal message box in which he/she can store 2000 messages. As on every forum you can upload your own avatar and add your signature to your posts. We're also thinking of adding more Tibia information to the forum, but we've not really figured out what we'll do as of now.

As for the creature section we've 2 different ways to display the creature pages, as thumbnails or as a list. Furthermore you can order the creatures by name, experience points, hit points, exp/HP ratio and mana to summon. Instead of viewing all creatures on one page, you can also choose the first letter of the creature. On the creature pages you can see detailed information about the selected monster. In the right column you can also see all other monsters within the same class and just like in the item section you can click on any of those to view this monsters information. If a creature has summons, you can easily view information of this summons by hovering over the summons name (javascript needed).

Thumbnail and linear creature displaying

In the screenshot section every user can create his own photo album to save all his/her screenshots. Every registered user can create unlimited albums and upload unlimited screenshots. For each image you upload you can give a description and set tags. Both will be used for our screenshot search engine, so users can find your screenshots easily. Every album will have a thumbnail index where you can view a small version of each screen and where you can click on the image you want to see in it's full size.

Image album thumbnails

On the screenshot pages you'll of course see the screenshot, but furthermore you'll also be able to post comments on the screenshot in your own language. There will also be a list with related screenshots and codes to embed the screenshot on another website or forum.

Comment languages

Our last section is our article section. In this section you can view articles and guides that are posted. Every language has it's own article section, so you'll only see guides that are written in your language. Also on our articles there, you'll be able to post comments.

We hope this article was useful to help you browse our site. Have fun on Tibia ML, and we hope you'll register on our site and become a part of our small but hopefully growing community.