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Royal Painting

Royal Painting Contest

Written by Steven on Wednesday 05 January 2011
As you may have noticed there are artists in Thais and Carlin's castle who don't know what they should be drawing. You can help them out. Draw a painting for one of these cities and submit it to win a nice reward.

Royal Painting

The contest exists out of 2 rounds. Round one exists out of you submitting a picture on a particular fansite. Round 2 will exist out of CipSoft choosing their favorite picture out of all fansites choices.

This is a contest in cooperation with CipSoft and many other fansites, therefor we have very strict rules we can not change, so please read them carefully.


  • You can submit your picture no later then 19 January CET
  • You can only submit one picture and you need to post if it's for Thais or Carlin
  • You have to post your character name on which you like the reward
  • You can only participate on 1 fansite (we hope your choice will be with us!)
  • You can not submit screenshots but all other art is allowed
  • Plagiarism isn't tolerated
  • More rules here

Round one rewards

For Thais as well as Carlin:
1st: Golden trophy of excellence, Golden rune emblem of your choice, Pigeon Trophy + you move on to the finals
2nd: Silver trophy of excellence + silver rune emblem of your choice
3rd: Bronze trophy of excellence

Second round rewards

For both cities:
Full year of premium time, a CM Token and your painting will be the base of the in-game painting Vad Inchi and Lou Toose will create

Post your submissions on our forum.