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Share It 2! contest

Written by Steven on Sunday 02 January 2011
Due to the enthousiasm people had about our first "Share it" contest we decided to have another one. As the time top complete the assignments was rather short in our last competition we'll double the time now. This means we'll only have 5 contests spread over 10 weeks, so every contest will take 2 weeks and one person every 2 weeks can win.

Again you'll have to come up with something before you can gain a reward. Again the assignments are always simple and will only take a little bit of your time so make sure to participate. As in our previous competition, all assignments are in the theme of sharing something, from real-life to Tibia related material, with the rest of the Tibia community.

What can you win?

Share It contest rewards

Winners will be decided by our staff team and will be revealed as soon as we picked them. Rewards will be sent to the requested city (in Tibia of course) of the requested character.

What do you have to do?

The assignments will be revealed every other Sunday so check back every 2 weeks to know what you have to do that week. We don't reveal assignments in advance to avoid cheating.

Week 1 - 2: From 07/11/2010 until 20/11/2010

Win 5 Rune Emblems

What to do? Contribute to our world map project by sending us a cam (e.g. Bynacam or Tibiacam TV) or Tibiacast recording of a missing area (Aleex will check this). 5 random people who contributed will get a Rune Emblem of a rune of choice. Submissions should be posted on our forum here. You can contribute as much as you want (and we'd love you to do so) but you can only be on the lottery list once.

Who won?
Memphis Dark won a Golden Rune Emblem (Energy Bomb)

Week 3 - 4: From 21/11/2010 until 04/12/2010

Win a Tibiacity Encyclopedia

What to do? This weeks competition reward is sponsored by Tibiacity. Write something describing any area in Tibia (can be a town, hunting ground, cave, house, guild hall...) using only 1 screenshot of 200 x 200 pixels (preferably unstretched / unshrinked) and 100 words (can be between 80 and 130 words). Best submission will win. Submissions should be posted on our forum and you can make up to 3 submissions. We'll have the right to use the submissions on our website.

Who won? Rayck, Darashia


By the city, in the sea,
A place to meet, Bluebear and me,
The place to go to set the sail,
Premium account hail-o-hail!
Providing safety and protection,
The place to be on disconnection!

By the city, in the sea,
Refusing players that are free,
Three simple words and your on ya' way,
Avoiding the ghost ship, we can only pray!
A journey that'll cost just a small fee,
It's money well spent if you ask me!

Wondering where this place could be?
It's by the city, but in the sea!

Week 5 - 6: From 05/12/2010 until 18/12/2010

Win a Dragon Claw

What to do? Currently Tibia has a very limited number of skills not related to battle (as a matter of fact they only have fishing). Come up with your idea for a new skill for Tibia that's not related to battles. You can use screenshots and etc to make your idea clear. Best and most original idea will win. Note that it's only for fun and the skill won't be added to the game. Submissions should be posted on our Facebook page here. One person can only make 1 submission.

Who won? TBA

Week 7 - 8: From 19/12/2010 until 01/01/2011

Win a Pigeon Trophy

What to do? It's always hard to come up with competition ideas, so maybe we should ask you to send us ideas for competitions. Tweet us your competition idea and win. Best idea will win, and you can only submit 1 idea. Follow us on Twitter and send us a tweet by mentioning @tibiaml at the start of your message. You need a Twitter account for this.

Who won? TBA

Week 9 - 10: From 02/01/2011 until 16/01/2011

Win a Panda Teddy

What to do? This is a little bit of a test, don't know if anyone will find it or if it's too easy. Translate the message below into English. Post the correct translation on our Facebook page. First one to correctly translate the full message will win. If nobody found the solution after a week, I'll give a clue.


Who won? TBA