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Tibia ML Talent Hunt

Tibia ML Talent Hunt

Written by Steven on Thursday 23 September 2010
Tibia ML Talent Hunt

Due to high user demand we're going to organise a talent hunt. Meaning is that you create a YouTube movie of something you're doing to show and convince us that you're the most talented person of us all and so that you deserve our reward.

What to do?

You'll need to create a movie of yourself in real-life doing "something". For example if you're good in singing you could sing a song, or you could play an instrument... Your movie can not be about you playing Tibia and should be kid friendly (so no nudity). You should be in the movie to prevent cheating, so don’t film an empty room with a CD playing that's supposed to be you singing.

As this is a Tibia contest we have to do something with Tibia too, so start your movie by introducing yourself (name & age) and by telling you're a Tibia player with another talent. Then tell what you're going to do. For example: Hi, my name is Steven, I'm a Tibia player but I'm also a terrific singer.

To proof that it's really you who's making the movie you'll need to hang a paper somewhere. You can find the paper you'll need to hang somewhere attached to this post. Print it out and hang it somewhere visible when creating your movie.

After you're done recording, upload it on YouTube and submit it in the competition thread.


  • You can only submit one movie so think about it before submitting.
  • You can work together with others and create a movie as a group but you'll only get the reward once if you win so you need to decide how you're going to split it.
  • You need to upload your movie on YouTube. Please don't mail me movies as I won't open them. Only movies uploaded on YouTube and submitted in the competition thread here make valid submissions.
  • Judges will be me (Steven) and Rejana, Mirade and Ogrey of CipSoft.
  • Special thanks to Gera and Mountrize for the competition idea.


Below are the places and the rewards listed
  1. Golden Trophy of Excellence & Pigeon Trophy
  2. Silver Trophy of Excellence
  3. Bronze Trophy of Excellence
  4. Rune Emblem (rune of choice)
  5. Rune Emblem (rune of choice)


The deadline to submit your talent movies is Sunday October 17th 2010 at 12.00 PM CEST (that's midnight). In case the forum is down on the last day of submissions you can submit movies the day after too.


Tibia ML remains the rights to discard your submission in-case we think it doesn't fit for our competition. All updates about this competition will be posted on our forum so it's your responsibility to regularly check back the competition thread.


The winners of our competition are revealed in the movie below.