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Making website themes

Tibia ML v3 Theme Competition

Written by Steven on Tuesday 24 August 2010
As you might have noticed we're working hard on a big update of our website. Everything will change, starting from the look to every line of code. It's a lot of work and I'm not the best with Photoshop so we're launching a competition to make website themes.

Do you have the skills I'm lacking? Participate now, create a theme for Tibia ML and win one of the nice awards.

What to do?

You’ll need to create 2 images:
  • Repeating background: 131 pixels high. Top 125 pixels are for the image and 1 pixel of a solid color at the bottom. Then another 5 pixels for a color between the image and the menu. This image should be repeating and should blend with the middle image. Easiest is to use a solid color or gradient and make it only 1 pixel wide.
  • Middle image: 125 pixels high. Width doesn't matter. Edges should faint into the image from the background so it's a good idea to start from an image filled with your background image.

All images submitted should be saved as PNG files and if available we would like the PSD files too.

To make a valid submission do as follows:
  • Post a screenshot of your design at our forum in this thread. Below is explained how you can test your theme.
  • Mail the image files and PSD files (if you got them) to me (contact info). In the title mention “Tibia ML Theme Competition” and in the mails content link to your forum post containing the screenshot of your design.

To help you getting started you can download our theme helper pack attached on our forum. It contains the following files and folders:
  • skin folder: Replace both images in this folder with the images you created. After that open index.html in your browser to test how the design looks like and make a screenshot to submit on our forum.
  • img folder: Images of the design that are not changed with the theme. Do not edit these images.
  • index.html: File to test how your design looks like. Check higher.


  • You can submit as many themes as you like but if you submit a theme you authorise us to use it for Tibia ML. You can win only once so if you win with 2 designs only your best submission will count.
  • Do not use copyrighted material in your designs unless you got permission of the owner. Using open source graphics or own made material is fine.
  • The design is temporarily and doesn't necessarily represent the new look of Tibia ML
  • Judges will be me (Steven, owner of Tibia ML), Rejana (CipSoft community manager), Aleex (Tibia ML World Map programmer) and Jan (graphic designer of CipSoft). These judges will select their favorite theme based on a selection I made of the better designs.


There are 5 awards to choose from for the top 5 ranked designs. The person on the first place can choose first, then the person of the second place can choose from the remaining 4 items and so on.

Items to choose from:
  • Pigeon Trophy
  • Teddy Bear
  • Stuffed Toad
  • Nightmare Doll
  • Golden Trophy of Excellence



To make a valid submission you’ll have to post your design on our forum and mail us all images before Sunday October 10th 2010 at 12.00 PM CEST (to avoid discussions: right before it becomes Monday in the CEST timezone).


Tibia ML remains the rights to discard submissions if we think they're unsuitable for our website and do not fit our concept. Furthermore we deserve the right not to use submissions for the competition for our website or not to put them online. If you design a theme for our website this becomes property of Tibia ML and we will have full rights on it. We don’t want to see our theme submitted on other websites neither sold to any third party. If requested you’ll be addressed accordingly as the designer of your theme in the theme list.

You can use graphics used in our older themes but only for submissions for this competition. Most art is copyrighted by CipSoft GmbH and can only be used by official fansites.

Tibia ML reserves the right to make your theme only available after purchasing it with coins that can be earned by being active on our website or restrict usage of it to premium website members.


The winners are now known and are listed in the movie below.