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Tibia ML version 2

Tibia ML v3 Design Preview

Written by Steven on Friday 20 August 2010
We're working hard on a big update for our website. With this update we plan to change everything about Tibia ML. The entire backbone behind Tibia ML will change which should result in a more stable website with less database issues. Furthermore a lot of our content will get new features as well as a complete new design.

The new design will be similar to the current one, only the vertical menu will be replaced by a horizontal one because it would give us that little extra content space we need so badly. Below is a screenshot of what we got as design until now. Note that this is not final and can still change.

We took in mind all feedback we got about the current design and as most people liked the simplicity of it, we tried to bring this simplicity back in our new design. If you have any remarks please leave a comment and we'll check what we can do.

As you can see I'm an awful Photoshop artist, thus we need your help with making themes. On Sunday or Monday we'll launch a designing competition where you can win nice prices so make sure to check back with us.

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Enlarge image: New design Tibia ML