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Interested in a programming competition?

Written by Steven on Thursday 20 May 2010
This summer we're planning to launch a programming competition but before we do so we would like to see if there is any community interest in such a competition, so if you're interested, make sure to fill in this form so we can see that it's worth launching the competition.

The idea is that you program some tool related to Tibia that no main Tibia fansite has yet. We can provide you with the following information to use in your tool:
* Access to Tibia ML accounts using an API
* Item & creature information
* Screenshots
* Movies
* Other information (on request)

You can program your tool in any programming language you like and you can make it a tool which we can use on Tibia ML or you can make your own website and/or tool if you like.

Interested? Fill in this form!

There will be some nice reward for the winners.

Update: This are of course tools that do not give players an unfair advantage in-game or violate any of the Tibia rules!

Code compiling

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Update: Some feedback

I was pretty surprised to see how much feedback and interest we got in our coding competition and can now tell you that there is a 99% probability the competition is going to happen and there will be tons of nice prices.

However there is a downside to all the things I read. A lot of the ideas weren't really good in my opinion. Here are a few things listed which I dislike:
  • Do not develop map viewers or something similar. Tibia ML is currently working on an online map viewer so you no longer have a need to that old fashioned offline map viewer.
  • Downloading programs is nice but people aren't very tended to do so, so try to make something that runs from a web server. The web is going to be more and more focussed on stuff that runs from a server, and less from people's PC (cfr Chrome OS from Google).
  • A ton of people want to create some kind of calculator. This is really nice but if you decide to make a calculator then make one that runs from a website. It's good possible and will be used a lot more then an offline one.
  • If you make a stand-alone website it's the meaning that Tibia ML has some advantage from it if you want to enter the competition. We're not going to reward someone for just creating his own site. You can do this by a) integrating Tibia ML accounts and other Tibia ML features on your site, or b) create the site for Tibia ML (so we actually own the site after it's done).
  • We already have a lottery section and there already is a lottery website so creating this doesn't really help anyone forward Wink.
  • Creating a movie is not programming. I saw someone with this idea Wink.

Having said that, I saw a lot of really nice ideas (which I'm not going to list as I don't want to spoil them). We're going to check when we can launch the competition and have the API ready. For people without ideas, we invite our members to post their ideas and will list the good ones here:

  • A tool that can analyse the main color(s) of a item and creature sprite and categorises this so people can search on color
  • A web tool that reads character and creature names in screenshots and tags them so people can click on them to go to the responsive pages
  • Movie upload which can be integrated in Tibia ML but uploads the movie to YouTube using their API
  • Tool that can cut the actual game window out of a screen (remove equipment, backpacks, chat...)