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Share it! contest

Written by Steven on Friday 30 July 2010
For 10 consecutive weeks we'll give away something every week, but you'll have to do a little effort before you can gain a reward. The assignments are always very simple and will only take a little bit of your time so make sure to participate. All assignments are in the theme of sharing something, from real-life to Tibia related material, with the rest of the Tibia community.

What can you win?


Winners will be decided by our judges listed above and will be revealed as soon as we picked them. Rewards will be sent to the requested city (in Tibia of course) of the requested character.

What do you have to do?

The assignments will be revealed every Sunday so check back every next Sunday to know what you have to do that week. We don't reveal assignments in advance to avoid cheating.

Week 1: From 09/05/2010 until 15/05/2010

Win a Yellow Rose

What to do? Win by uploading your real-life picture related to Tibia in this thread on our forums. Most original submission will win. By the way, we don't accept people dressed like a stalker or another creature with the power of invisibility, it indeed is creative but not what we're looking for Wink.

Who won? Lunatic Dark

Click on the image to enlarge it
Enlarge image: Lunatic Dark

Week 2: From 16/05/2010 until 22/05/2010

Win 30 days of Premium Time

What to do? Become a fan of our Facebook page (or now with the changed Facebook, click the "Like" button on our page) and post a slogan you think suits Tibia ML the best on our Facebook post. Best slogan might be used for our website later. Only people who clicked the like button can win, we'll check this!

Who won? Martín Delanghe with the slogan "What you need, when you need, as you need".

Week 3: From 23/05/2010 until 29/05/2010

Win a Pigeon Trophy

What to do? Follow us on Twitter and reply to our tweet with the reason you like Tibia ML. You can reply by simply clicking the reply button or by starting your tweet with "@tibiaml". Your reason can only be one tweet long and you can only submit one reason. The person who convinced us the most that he loves Tibia ML will win!

Who won? Adivali with the comment: "I love Tibiaml because nobody else would tell me I have to fish 8182571 more times to be ranked all-time #1 in fishing. Umm, thanks?!".

Week 4: From 30/05/2010 until 05/06/2010

Win 100 Demonic Essences

What to do? Every Tibia player needs some break sometimes and what can be better then a good laugh? Post your favorite funny YouTube movie here. The most funny movie will win (movie must be in English). You can only submit one movie. Movie can not violate any Tibia rules.

Who won? Mefiles dark hedgod with:

Week 5: From 06/06/2010 until 12/06/2010

Win a Golden Trophy of Excellence

What to do? As we're thinking of redesigning our website we would like to know how you would like our website to look. For this assignment you'll have to explain how you would like to see Tibia ML and why. You can use other websites you like to explain what you mean. As there is no real good criteria to check who gave the best feedback one random person drawn with our lottery system will win (that is in case his feedback is decent). Post your feedback here.

Who won? Nesvorka

Week 6: From 13/06/2010 until 19/06/2010

Win a Tibiacity Encyclopedia

What to do? What is going on on your server or somewhere on the web? Submit your news post on Tibiacity to win the Tibiacity Encyclopedia. The best news submission will win. Reward is sponsored by Tibiacity.

Who won? Sahsy with this newspost

Week 7: From 20/06/2010 until 26/06/2010

Win a Golden Warrior Trophy

What to do? Make a pencil or digital drawing related to Tibia. To prove it's your drawing you need to include the text "Tibia ML" and the character name you want the reward on somewhere in your drawing. Please submit your drawings on our forum. You're free to color your drawings if you would like to do so.

Who won? Andresquall with the drawing below.

Click on the image to enlarge it
Enlarge image: Tibia drawing

Week 8: From 28/06/2010 until 04/07/2010

Win 30 Days of Premium Time

What to do? Make a Tibia or Tibia ML guide or tip in a 600 by 400 pixels frame. For example tell people they can sort tables on Tibia ML by clicking on the column headers. The tips can be used for our website in the future, so only submit your tip if you allow us to do so. Most useful tip will win. Submit tips here.

Who won? Morticon with the image below.

Click on the image to enlarge it
Enlarge image: Week 8

Week 9: From 13/07/2010 until 20/07/2010

Win a Wolf Whistle

What to do? Become a fan of our Facebook group (by clicking the "like" button) and tell us what you would like to see on Tibia ML. Your idea must be original and can not be on another official fansite yet, but yet it should be possible to create. Best idea will win. Post comments here.

Week 10: From 30/07/2010 until 05/08/2010

Win a Pigeon Trophy

What to do? We want you to create a 32x32 Tibia sprite of your view of a Pigeon Backpack. Best design will win. Post your submissions here.