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Pigeon Trophy Lottery

Written by Steven on Tuesday 06 April 2010
Because of the huge success of our April Fools joke we kinda feel bad to leave everyone behind with empty hands. Thus in agreement with CipSoft we decided to have a lottery where people can win a Pigeon Trophy.

Pigeon Trophy

So one lucky person among you will win a Pigeon Trophy. What do you need to do?
  • Register for a free account on Tibia ML (if you already have an account, proceed to the next step)
  • Post a comment on THIS blog entry with your character name and city you would like to get your trophy sent to

One random person will win the Pigeon Trophy. The winner will be drawn using our lottery system. There are 100 available tickets and only one ticket a person is allowed. We'll check for double posters and if someone posted 2 times with a character of the same account the person below this one will win.

Drawing will be at Saturday April 17th because I'm on vacation to the Titan Select resort at Turkey until then so can't draw the results any sooner. After the drawing the Trophy will be sent to the winner a.s.a.p.

Btw, our April fools joke did give us a registration boost!

Registrations / day

Update: Everyone after comment nr 18 can not have character hidden and must be at least level 15.

Update: Number 82 won (Tibia lottery 35303) so Kash Brus will receive the trophy in his depot somewhere next week. Congratulations!

Update: Trophy sent!