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Tibia Map

Tibia Map preview

Written by Steven on Thursday 25 March 2010
A while ago our programmer, Aleex, started building an online Tibia map. We wanted to design a map that had a better resolution then most other Tibia maps on the internet and offered some additional features and Aleex accepted this challenge. We asked Aleex for a little comment about his map:

Tibia ML's world map project has slowly been gaining momentum over the past months. The technical details have been worked out and improved. Currently, we have several exciting features in place which offer a highly detailed and user-friendly exploration of the Tibian map. What other map viewers lack in quality and the advanced functionality we planned. We hope to work further on to improve the overall usefulness.

We have a little preview of our map for our community. On the screenshot below you can see the temple of Thais (ground floor).

Click on the image to enlarge it
Enlarge image: Tibia ML Map

To build our map further we'll need your help to map all areas in Tibia. If you play a lot just record your hunt or walk with a recorder that saves cams with the .cam extension. An example of a recorder is Tibiacam.tv ($9.95) or the free alternative BynaCam. You can submit your recorded movies to Aleex at this topic. In that topic you can also check which areas we need the most.

Hopefully in about a month our map client will be done and with the cooperation of the Tibia community we want to offer a full and recent Tibia map in a high quality.