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Tibia ML Stats update

New website, Exhiti, online

Written by Steven on Saturday 20 March 2010
Our statistics website, Exhiti, is now released. Exhiti stands for experience history Tibia. Exhiti will be our future statistics website. It's a daughter site of Tibia ML on which we want to cover everything related to statistics in the future.


Reason we want to offer statistics on this website is because of the problems we experienced in the past with server downtime. Now that the statistics are isolated on their own server there should be no more interference between both our services. When there is a problem with our statistics, Tibia ML will no longer suffer from it and vice versa.

For now we only have experience related statistics but in the future we surely plan to expand this. A first thing we want to add is the top sword, club, fist and axe fighting; shielding; magic level... But we won't stop with that and will also add new statistics which we did not cover on Tibia ML in the past.

For now check the next pages:

  • Top 1000 experience: The top 1000 experience of all gameworlds.
  • Top 100 with country: Top 100 experience of players who have set their country.
  • Top 100 from Brazil: Top 100 players from Brazil. You can change the country to any other country from which we have at least one player in the highscores.
  • Top 300 Amera: Top 300 experience from Amera. You can change this to any gameworld.
  • Top countries: Check which country has the most players ranked in the top experience.
  • Top gameworlds: Check the best ranking gameworlds and the amount of players they have in the top 1000. Players from Dolera and Inferna should put work into leveling as they have 0 players ranked.

If you have any proposal or want to report something that isn't working like you think it should, please notify us in our feedback thread.