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Tibia ML version 2

Tibia ML update: Loot and killing stats

Written by Steven on Thursday 10 September 2009
As announced a few weeks ago we have made a lot of changes to Tibia ML. Except from a lot of background infrastructure changes in the translation functions and staff system there are also plenty of visual changes for our you, our visitors. Below you'll find our four biggest changes explained briefly.

Loot statistics

Our first and biggest change is the addition of loot statistics to our item and creature pages. For now we have statistics collected of over 200.000 monsters that dropped a total of over 10.000.000 items.

The loot statistics will show you how big the chance is to find an item in a specific monster, how many monsters you'll have to kill most likely before you find it...

Loot statistics

But imagine you need a Fire Sword. You could hunt Dragon Lords, Hellfire Fighters or Heroes. The chance to loot the Fire Sword is the biggest with Hellfire Fighters, but maybe they're too strong for you? Heroes drop Fire Swords faster then dragon Lords, but how is their overall loot? That's why we invented "Average Loot Value" or in short ALV. ALV is a calculation of the average loot a monster drops per kill based on the maximum selling prices of items at shops. It does not take into account other rare items which can not be sold to a non-player character. When you compare the ALV of Heroes and Dragon Lords, you'll see that the ALV of Dragon Lords is higher and thus it might be better to hunt Dragon Lords instead of Heroes.

Loot stats

What to check?

Killing statistics

Except from loot statistics we also added killing statistics. Are you curious to find out which world killed the most Dragons, then check the Dragon killing statistics and find out that Menera killed the most Dragons on September 9th 2009 (26,000 kills). You can see data of the last day and the last 7 days.

Killing statistics Dragon

Except from this, we also have detailed statistics per gameworld. If you see Menera killed the most Dragons, but want to see what else they killed, you can click on Menera and see a full list of Menera's kills.

For boss monsters however it might be interesting to check when they spawned on which world, so we added a history that shows boss spawns in the current month and the month before. Clicking on one of the calendar days will show all worlds where the boss spawned that day (if any). For example Demodras spawned on Arcania, Astera, Grimera, Guardia, Keltera, Menera, Trimera, Unitera and Vinera yesterday (September 9th 2009).

Of course it also works the other way around. You can see when every boss spawned the last time on a specific world and how many days it takes on average for this boss to spawn. In the image below you can see the five first bosses of the list of Harmonia.

Harmonia boss kills

Redesigned library

We also changed the creature and item page design. We added tabs to better organize the content, we made the creature screenshots smaller to decrease page loading time and we made everything a little cleaner to look at. Furthermore we hided the long creature description, but you can still see it by clicking the "more..." link. We also remade the creature categories so that one monster can belong to several categories. Of course our new monster pages also link to the loot statistics and killing statistics.

On our item pages we added a new damage formula to the damage predictor. It's marked as "New" in the table. We would like to hear your feedback about the accuracy of this formula (it's based on offensive battle).

Changed default theme

Since we opened version 2 of our website we've always used the jungle theme as default theme. We now decided to change this theme to our freshly added Medusa theme. The Medusa theme will be visible for all guests visiting our website and members can activate the theme from the theme selector.