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Tibia ML in Finnish

Tibia ML in Finnish

Written by Steven on Monday 24 August 2009
When we first opened Tibia ML, we offered information in Finnish, in addition to the languages we currently offer. Later we decided to close it due to the lack of active staff members.

We're now pleased to announce that we're opening the Finnish section of Tibia ML again. We have partnered with Tibia.fi to translate everything into Finnish.

Finnish is spoken by the majority of Finland (92%). Furthermore Finnish is spoken by a minority in Sweden, Norway, Estonia and Republic of Karelia (federal subject of Russia). On the map below you can see the countries with Finnish as a language in Europe. The original map was taken from Wikipedia.

Finnish in Europe

Below are a few words from Jazzbunny, the administrator of Tibia.fi:

For your pleasure the Finnish translation of Tibia ML is finally opened for the public consumption. As this game is also played by people who aren't that fluid with English I think it's important that they can find information and hints in their mother tongue. Tibia ML fulfills this need superbly not only for Finns but for others too.

Being a lazy person myself I can appreciate the effort Steven has made creating a site that is easily translatable so everyone can use calculators and what not in their own language. So if Tibia ML hasn't already been translated to your native language, maybe you should roll up your sleeves and start working on that Smile.

We hope that the Finnish section here, at Tibia ML, will help the Finnish Tibia players to find the information they seek in their own language, as that's what we're trying to do with Tibia ML, offer everyone information in his own language.

As a side note I would like to tell that we have an update for Tibia ML coming in one of the next weeks. The update took quite some time to script due to the big background changes in the internal area, but there are also a lot of visible changes and new sections, so stay tuned!