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Tibia ML Stats update

Statistics update

Written by Steven on Thursday 28 May 2009
With Erig gone there is a lot of demand for statistics. We did our best to recreate lost information to help our users find the statistics they need again. Furthermore we fixed several bugs in the website.

New calculators

Last update we added the travel, blessing and experience calculator and this update we extended our calculator section again with 3 new calculators:
  • Fishing calculator: Curious how many tries you need before you'll advance in fishing level? How long will this take you? Try our script and let it generate a nice and helpful table for you.
  • Stamina calculator: You have 38 hours and 27 minutes of stamina left. How long will it take before it's full again? It's a hard calculation if you have to do it manually, but with our stamina calculator it's done in no time.
  • Magic level calculator: Enter your current magic level, the percentage left, the magic level you want and your vocation and we'll calculate the amount of mana you need to advance. Furthermore we'll present you a table with information about the potions you could use to advance faster and the price of these. We'll also present you some spells you could cast to increase your magic level.
Magic level calculator

New country script

Our old country script did not detect all people's country so we installed a new script to do this, although it is possible that the countries are still wrong because of the next reason:

We use the registry assignments provided by the registrars. However discrepancies creep in especially in cases of large multinational companies who have their base of operation on one country and satellite offices in other countries. Typically what happens is that a company based in say, the United States, also has a branch in Africa or Asia.

In many cases, when the company is assigned a new block of IP addresses these will reflect the correct country (countries in Africa or Asia for example). However, sometimes the location of the parent company is used - USA for example. This leads to an anomaly, where looking up the IP you know to be in one country appears to be somewhere else.

This is especially true of companies like AOL, Verizon, Sprint, Telefonica and others who do not operate only in one country. We have found IPs for both AOL and Verizon for example which are outside the US but show as originating in the US which is obviously not correct.

Although this only represents a tiny fraction of a percent, this is something that should be kept in mind.

Experience chart

For players ranked in their worlds top 300 experience we have added charts with the evolution of that character in the selected month. You can click on the dots in the chart to see information about the dot. As example, check the chart for Lord'Paulistinha in May.

Experience chart

Top 1000

We've added top 1000's of experience, axe, sword, club, magic level, fishing, distance fighting, shielding and fist fighting. These top 1000 players are based on the individual highscores of the different gameworlds. We also added a top 1000 melee fighting, which shows the best 1000 club, axe and sword fighters joined together in 1 table. We also added a chart with the distribution of the 3 skills in this top melee.

Skill distribution top 1000

Gameworld stats

To enlarge our statistics database we have also added statistics of every gameworld:
  • Top 300 skills: Check the top 300 sword, axe, club, fist, fishing, experience... of every gameworld. All are listed on 1 page so you can check the highscores faster then on the official site.
  • Top players: A list with the best players in every skill and a chart with the evolution of the top 5 players based on experience.
  • Statistics: See how many male and female players every gameworld has and check how many players are from your country or any other country.
  • Registered characters: Curious to see who's registered on Tibia ML from a certain gameworld? You can now find a list of all registered users of every gameworld on our site.
Note: Some pages might be opening slow (up to 5 minutes) as the page will generate itself if you're the first to open it.

Melee distribution

Check how many people from each world use club, axe and sword fighting (based on the top 300 melee) on our melee distribution page. For example in Inferna 22.33% of the players in the top 300 melee uses a club, 29.00% uses an axe, and the rest, 48.67%, uses swords.