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Comic competition

Comic Competition

Written by Steven on Friday 15 May 2009
Tibia players like to share and watch screenshots and a lot of people put their efforts in making screenshots daily. It's a way for them to share what they're doing or show the world something visual. As everyone knows, a picture says more then 1000 words. So why not do something with your screenshots and participate in our competition? Maybe you can even win a Yellow Rose or one of the 3 Trophies of Excellence.

Trophies of Excellence

What to do?

Basicly, all you have to do for this competition is making un-stretched and un-shrinked screenshots of something in Tibia and make a comic from these screens. It can be about anything, but nothing that is against the rules (so no OT, no botting and etc). The comic must be put together in 1 screenshot and must be saved as high-quality PNG file (not saved as JPG and converted). You can only submit comics that you made with your own screenshots. Be original with your screenshots and comic story as only the best 3 comics will win a nice reward.

To make an un-stretched and un-shrinked screenshot click on options, then on graphics then on advances and select the box in front of "don't stretch or shrink the map". If you did this, then drag the game window (window your character is in) to the largest possible.

Unstretched / unschrinked

The reward

The 3 best screenshots can win. The same person can only win once. The prizes are as follows:
  1. Yellow Rose and Golden Trophy of Excellence
  2. Silver Trophy of Excellence
  3. Bronze Trophy of Excellence

How to submit?

To submit your screenshot as a valid competition submission you have to follow the 5 steps below:
  1. Register on Tibia ML: This is an easy step. All you have to do is create an account. You'll need this account for the next steps.
  2. Connect a character with your Tibia ML account: After you've created your account and are logged in, add your character to your Tibia ML account. This is to prevent people from submitting screenshots not made by themselves as you've to be on the screenshots and we can check if you own the character if it's connected to your account. To add your character, go here.
  3. Select your characters equipment: Choose the equipment you're currently using on your character here.
  4. Select the quests you did: Select the quests you did on your character. You can do this here.
  5. Upload your comic: Go to our screenshot uploader and upload the comic you want to take part in the competition. After that, open your comic and copy the thumbnail for forums and paste it in a post on our competition thread.


  • You can not hide your character on your Tibia ML account and you can not hide your quest progress bar. You're free to choose if you want to show the full list of quests you did.
  • Violations on any of the above rules will be punished with an exclusion of our competition.
  • Every person can only submit 3 comics, so only submit your best ones.
  • The competition will end on Monday 8 June 2009 at midnight.
  • Comics should be in English.