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Item winners

Item Competition Results

Written by Steven on Thursday 07 May 2009
Note: Read everything and don't scroll straight down as it will take away the tense and will destroy the magic of judging a fansite item Stick out tongue.

Every supported / promoted fansite can have it's own unique ingame item on which they hold the privilege to give away. We didn't have such an item yet, so we started a competition to let our users create items so we could use the best of it. This competition is now over and after a long time we have chosen the best items out of it. Only the first placed item will get into the game, but the item on the second and third place will get a price too.

The submissions

We've got a lot of great submission, some were really amazing. Actually all submissions are great in some way. Everyone who does the effort to draw something for a competition like this one, no matter his/her skill, should congratulate himself/herself as he/she may have tried to do something he/she wouldn't have done if it wasn't for the competition. Because of that we would like to congratulate all participants and thank them for participating.

Some people really put a lot of effort in their items. For example Joao Matheus even made an artwork of his item, while Aguado made a screenshot of how his item would look ingame.

Click on the image to enlarge it
Enlarge image: Babel Orb art

Multilingual Tongue ingame

The top 3

But sadly enough not everyone can win. So we had to choose, choose between all of these great items. After the judging we had 2 items placed on the first place, but only 1 could win. So the question we had was:

Pigeon Trophy or Babel Orb

Thus we did an internal poll in which our staff members could cast their vote for their favorite item and we came up with the next results:

  1. Goldstorm with the Pigeon Trophy - he wins a Pigeon Trophy, a Tome and 30 days of premium time
  2. Joao Matheus with the Babel Orb - he wins a Tome and 30 days of premium time
  3. Myst'Sharion with the Tibia ML Curtain - he also wins a tome and a premium time period of 30 days

Pigeon Trophy

Babel Orb

Tibia ML Curtain

Runner ups

The person on the 4th and 5th place were Somni with his Tibia ML Basin and Aguado with the Multilingual Tongue.

Tibia ML Basin

Multilingual Tongue

We would like to thank everyone for participating and would like to wish you the best luck you could possibly have in our next competition. Keep checking our website as the next competition will be here very soon!