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Promoted fansite 2

Promoted fansite

Written by Steven on Friday 01 May 2009
On November 18th 2008 Tibia ML joined the supported fansite program, a program made by CipSoft to list some kind of official game fansites. A few days ago, on April 29th 2009, Tibia ML reached another milestone and became a promoted Tibia fansite. Promoted fansites are those fansites that are regularly updated, write own content, publish content in different languages, tell about what happens in the community and give previews of updates. Now that we joined this fansite group, we've reached the fansite top, but this won't stop us from improving our website over and over again.

Promoted fansite

In the theme of us joining the promoted fansite group, we've asked some CipSoft employees and some of our own staff members what they think about Tibia ML.

Mirade, CipSoft Community Manager: "What I like about Tibia ML is that the site has some really cool features such as a blog, several calculators, a screenshot and a movie section... That's great and very helpful for our players."

Ogrey, CipSoft Community Manager: "Well, as I am the new guy in the CM department at CipSoft I don't know anything about how Tibia ML has developed over the last months, but I very much appreciate that all relevant information is well arranged and thus easy to find. That's a big plus, really!"

Rejana, CipSoft Community Manager: "I'm a big fan of personalization, so I really like how you can change the banner of Tibia ML, for example. Of course I also appreciate the other things that my colleagues have pointed out already. Tibia ML publishes news quickly, and the whole team there works hard to keep everything updated. As the fansite coordinator, I'd also like to state that working together with Tibia ML as a - now promoted - fansite is easy and uncomplicated!"

Gera, Spanish Translator Tibia ML: "I'm one of the newest adquisitions in the ML staff team but I've found it really relaxing and fun to work here because you always get help from other teammates which are not envious at all and won't care if your work is used instead of theirs. I joined the staff team because I think it's a great idea to have a fansite made for all off the community and not directed towards one language. I think Tibia ML is the best Fansite of all, but still, we have work to do and we will work hard to give the community the best of us."

Empire Champion, Dutch Translator Tibia ML: "I like to work at this staff because it's a very nice team and all the staff members are very nice people. Translating things make me learn new words in English which can be very usefull if I'll go to college next year."

Knight of the White Wolf, Function less team member: "I do it because Steven likes dropping me onto trivial tasks when he is bored."

Aleex, PHP coder Tibia ML: "I just recently joined the Tibia ML team as a PHP coder, which means I help with developing new features for the website. I started playing Tibia about 10 years ago and I've always enjoyed visiting various fansites whenever I'm playing. That is why I decided to contribute, to give something back to the community that has entertained me and kept me in this game for all these years. What I like the most about Tibia ML are all its unique features, the fresh look as well as all the interactive content, it feels like there is always something going on here. On top of that, we have a very friendly and motivated team, sharing the same goal - to make the site as good as possible."

Thodo Fron, Portuguese Translator: "It's fantastic to know that you can help a lot of people just by translating articles and news. Also, the whole team around you is simply fantastic, everyone is dedicated and nice. That's why I'm here since 2007 - I'm proud of this. Our website has been growing since its creation, and that's fantastic. Our calculators are just amazing, statistics too. After all, I can say Tibia ML is great. And I'm glad CipSoft is rewarding us for our hard work."

Steven, Administrator Tibia ML: "I love to be working with websites and I appreciate all the help I get from all fabulous team members I got here on Tibia ML. They do a great job, and Tibia ML wouldn't be the site that it is today if they wouldn't be volunteering to help us out and improve the community. With their help we'll continue to update our site and bring you the most useful features updated to todays needs."

Every day at least 1 person applies to join our staff team. About 10% of these are valid helpers on a long term.